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    My damn phone broke today at the right hinge. I had heard of all you that had this same problem and I considered myself lucky since I hadn't experienced it yet. My HS warranty ended 3 weeks ago and I didn't enroll in the replacement plan from Sprint.

    I don't know if I should enroll today in the replacement plan from sprint, wait for the insurance to kick-in in 20 days, get a replacement Treo and then buy the new Treo 600. That would leave me with a fully functioning Treo 300 to sell. The other option is just buy the Treo 600 later this week and see if anyone would want to buy the Treo as-is.

    What to do....
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    I was in the same exact situation you had last week. Here's what I did...go to your local Sprint store and very politely say that my Treo 300 broke at the hinge and that Handspring is aware that the hinge failure is due to a design flaw. MORE THAN LIKELY
    they will give you a replacement, my store did.
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    No luck at the Sprint store. They told me that even if it is a manufacturer's defect, it is out of the warranty period.

    As a consolation, she handed me a free headset. Yippie! (that's sarcasm by the way)

    I went ahead and signed up for the replacement program and I guess I will wait the 20 days to file a claim. Maybe by then, there will be a clear idea of what Sprint will be doing with pricing and rebates.
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    You might go back and try again, or go to a different Sprint store. I took my T300 in last week because of some very minor issues with the sound changing levels unexpectedly. I've had my T300 for over a year, so it's out of warranty. Without even testing the phone, they offered to replace it. I mentioned that I have the $4/mo service plan, which requires a $35 replacement fee. They said not to worry about it and shipped me a new T300 at no charge.

    I know there have been lots of things to complain about with Sprint, but this was really above and beyond the call of duty.

    This might be a judgment call made by the person at the store, so you might do well to try again at a different one.
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    A friend of mine might be interested in buying it as-is, if u decide to go that route.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    I guess they have lots of spares and don't mind getting rid of them to make room, T600 anyone.
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    My buddy tried what you aredoing, if I read your post correctly, bought insurance after his phone broke but then because he talked to someone at Sprint before he bought the ins. that dweeb had entered it into his account and Sprint still did not cover the replacement because it broke before he bought the insurance.

    Nice - isn't it -

    I'm with t-mobile - Mine broke too a couple months back, dropped once and no more phone signal, and knowing the 600 was coming out soon I opted to live with an older phone and continue to use my 270 as a PDA only instead of paying $70 to get it replaced.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I will try a couple of other Sprint stores and see if they can do anything for me, but I will make sure not to give those stores my phone number unitl they tell me if they can help me. In 20 days I will try the insurance thing via the online claim form directly from lock/line. If all else fails I guess I may want to email Jaggrey and see if his friend is indeed interested.

    Did anybody have any luck using super glue to fix the hinge?
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    Did anybody have any luck using super glue to fix the hinge?
    Sexygogoboy, my Treo broke at the top right hinge as well. I took my Treo apart (mine is out of warrantee), then removed the lid from the faceplate. I then glued the hinge back onto the lid. After the glue had set, I reunited the parts. The repair has been holding for over 2 weeks now. The adhesive that I used is called PASCOfix. It is a product from Germany.
    BTW, over a month ago, the antenna broke at the base. I used PASCOfix and PASCO-fill to repair that problem. A word of caution, practice using this product before using it on your Treo. This adhesive is expensive, but is probably the best $36 I have ever invested in!

    Best of luck!
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    Third try I guess is the charm. After flirting some with the girl at the third sprint store I visited, she said she could do a courtesy replacement for my broken Treo 300. She kept asking "do I know you from somewhere?" Anyway after asking me about where I worked and if I liked it, she said that she would call me later with tracking information. Oh yeah, she wanted me.

    Maybe I could do the same thing to get some discounts on the Treo 600 when its available in the stores.
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    LOL.. Hmm.....perhaps its your "Gogoboy" energy. Did she try to stuff a dollar down your pants too?
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    LOL.. Hmm.....perhaps its your "Gogoboy" energy. Did she try to stuff a dollar down your pants too?
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    Interesting - my hinge broke QUITE awhikle back - never thought to take it (I just superglued it) in. Saturday I took it in, cause my phone has gotten finicky abouyt the recharge cable (has to be laid down JUST so, car charger wont work at all anymore).

    So next week, I put up for sale MY brand-new Treo 300 to buy a 600.

    Suits me.
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    Hey's SEXY gogoboy and I think if given the opportunity she would have stuffed $20's in my pants.

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