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    Does anyone else here think it's just ridiculous that there is no rebate offer/price reduction for existing Sprint customers (at least that's the way I'm reading it?)

    I'm an existing Sprint customer. With number portability right around the corner, doesn't Sprint think it would be just as important to lock in an existing customer for 2 years (and offer the same discount) as to sign on a new customer for two years?
    Especially when you're dealing with such an expensive phone with somewhat limited marketability?

    I've followed every post here as enthusiastically as the next guy/girl, but $600 plus accessories is just ridiculous. And take a look at the Sprint PDA combo page. It is getting fuller and fuller, with $150 off (again, only for new customers, new line activation) on just about every PPC/Palm phone. The competition's heating up and hopefuly that will help others like myself.

    Am I correct in thinking that an existing customer won't even be allowed the usual new phone service credit because of the "newness" of this phone?

    A frustrated Sprint customer and Treo 600 lover...
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    There are a couple things that you should keep in mund:

    (1) The TREO 600 is just another phone in Sprint's set of phones they offer

    (2) Sprint isn't expecting to sell a whole lot of them relative to other phones it sells.

    (3) Number portability isn't here yet so Sprint has zero reason to worry about it NOW - when it happens, however, you can expect pretty amazing fall-over-themselves discounts from every carrier out there for their services (albeit maybe not for the phones).

    As someone else posted on another thread, I simply don't understand why folks who are aware of number portability coming up would sign ANY contract whatsoever (even a Real Deal) before then.
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    I'm with ya, though this is America...capitalism at its finest. My goal right now is to waltz into a Sprint PCS store here in Raleigh, pull out my two phones (Treo 300, LG ####) and let them know I'm looking at replacing both phones...the 300 with a 600 and the LG with some kind of Vision phone (8100??). I want to keep my numbers, I don't want any change to my plan, but I do want some kind of discount. I've been a Sprint customer for 8 years, and my monthly bill is always > $100. Never been late on a payment.

    So, we'll see. I have a business manager's number who I called last year and had him grant $150 in discounts off my Treo 300 purchase (after it went from $499 to $299).

    With all of this, I also have to keep in mind the $150 fee to break my contract... May I threaten to switch come my contract ending? Perhaps...though no other carriers have the "high-speed" data connection Sprint does. I'll go in with a smile on my face, see what they'll offer, be courteous, and go from there....

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    Anyone buying a sprint treo 600 might as well sign up for a extended contract cuase its not like they can just take their phone and go some where else. So having a little patience should payoff. Me personally, Im gonna sit back and watch sprint and everyone else fight for my dollar.
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    Good point I might as well sign up for two years save a couple bucks, but on the other hand the Treo 6xx will be out in 12 months and I may want to upgrade. But then again they probably won't do discounts and I can just goto (oh no HS doesn't exist) and PalmOne won't deal. So 1 year it is unless they offer something really nice like, anything.

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