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    This PM I went to the Los Angeles Sprint store on Los Angeles. A sales rep told me that the T600 was due "mid to late November" as per an email. He did not know the price.

    He was not aware of the SE T608.
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    [ Los Angeles Sprint store on Los Angeles. [/B]
    . . . that's on La Cienega!!
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    and they expect this 2 take off 4 the holidays, any later and they will have it in for valentines day 2004! I hope your info is worng! take care, j
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    I went to that store too & a "friend" of mine there told me the same thing- not till November. But I called earlier to that store and inquired as to when it will be available, a different guy didn't know. I said I "heard" Monday & asked him to check with his supervisor. He came back and could not confirm or deny this "rumor". He then said hopefully in the next week (I think-can't remember). The bottom line is, I'm sure the sales people are not told the actual date so they can continue selling Treo 300. This makes total sense why none of the stores have a clue & are telling people November. Someone needs a PDA palm os phone right away and think they have to wait for November to get the latest. So they buy the 300, then get the 600 when it comes out. Two phones for the price of two!! Genius marketing tactic! I even called telesales from the store and they confirmed that the 600 will be available through telesales on Monday (didn't know about the stores). My bet is come Monday, you will be able to walk into a Sprint store and see a Treo 600 in person...
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    I also do hope the info I got earlier today is wrong and that treoneo's prediction is correct!
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    i doubt you will see it this monday...if it was to be this monday then dave is lying. he walks in, asks the guy about availability, the guy says november because he does not know. your theory would work if dave went in on a friday. if it was to come out monday then the 600's would come in on saturday, there's no mail on sunday remember, so if dave walks in and the guy says no, well obviously they do not have them in yet or the guy wouldve said yes. and since there is no mail on sundays, and sprint has previously always released on a monday, I'm thinking the 13th seems more logical than this coming monday.
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    Really, people, I'm as excited about the 600 as everybody (though this officially makes my first ever post), but keep something in mind: the Sprint PCS store employees aren't!

    True, they'll make some money off the sales, though nothing to the level they will of cheaper phones in the long run. But to Joe-Blow-mobile-outlet-guy, he couldn't care less! I think this lack of concern is evidenced by the sheer variety of responses we have all received.

    We may on occasion find a knowledgable store manager or have the fortune of speaking to a bigwig like Dubinsky, but the truth of the matter is that none of these people likely know for sure when the 600s will show up in stores. I checked at several stores in my area in the past few days, and got responses ranging from "Yep, we have it" (he was thinking of the I500) to "Sorry, we don't have any information on that phone at all".

    Now what I'm much more interested in hearing is when a local, everyday Sprint PCS store actually has them in stock and for sale! That's something even the most ignorant of part-time store clerks would have trouble flubbing up (though don't put it past them )
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    What's funny to me is how I can't ever find even a t300 in stock at any local sprint store.
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    Funny thing on Saturday I had to ge my crappy T720 fixed at VzW. The software was out of date and they wanted me to leave it for an hour. No thanks I will drop it off at the store by my office for the day.

    Oh and I inquired about the I700 and 7135 the sales rep didn't know what they were, and the other rep pointed tot he wall. She said, oh no one buys those, never sold one.

    Gotta love informed sales reps give the real reps a bad name.
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    I went to my local Sprint store (Lafayette, LA) Fri., Oct. 3 and requested to prepay/order the Treo 600. The saleperson was unaware of it. After a call to the distribution center, she reported that the phones are indeed in, though still going through "beta testing" to work out the "bugs" and won't be available for sales until early to mid November. In addition I was given the number of the distribution center to call for more information...I haven't called, yet: 1-800-974-2221.

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