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    I ran across these items today.

    The first item is interesting behind-the scenes-stuff you normally wouldn't find in the mainstream press. It briefly documents the transition (including potential what-ifs) from Handspring to Palm:

    Next, is the interview with Handspring's Joe Sipher (VP of Product Marketing). Good info on sales figures and pre-Treo user test studies. Also discusses the evolution of the Treo from the Springboard module, the VisorPhone. Near the end, there are a few expected "can't speculate"s from Joe, so you know future Treos will be awesome:

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    That Joe Sipher article looks like it's at least a year old - the "future" he's talking about is the past.

    BTW - they SHIPPED about 90,000 communicators according to HAND the first two quarters of 2002 and onl;y sold 13,000 the first quarter and I forget how many the second (27,000?). They ended up havnig to buy the unsold TREO 180s BACK.

    But, in any case, that interview is ancient-history-speak, not future-speak.

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