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    Ok, this is more of less humor, but seeing there is a MP3 palyer and all, it would be pretty slick to be able to put a phone call on hold (while you look for some thing or ask a question) and a song comes on while the person is on hold. Perhaps a program that you can select a predetermind song, and it's played while in hold.

    So your on the phone (Treo600), your boss calles, he/she needs some improtant info, you don't want him/her to hear you cuss and sware as all the cluter in your desk is being gone thru to find this info, so you put them on hold.

    Treo- Ring Ring..
    you- Hello
    boss- Bob here, I need the TPS report..
    you - Ok, hold for a second whilst I find it.
    Treo- Beep..(and then plays) "The Girl from Ipanema"
    You- Ok, I found it...I'll fax it to you
    boss - Thanks, BTW, cool phone.

    Like I said, I am just being silly and thinking outloud, but ut woiuld be kinda cool.

    The bundled MP3 player says it can play in the background. As well as play WAV songs...Too cool

    Don't shoot me, Matt :shortcut:
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    That would be cool. But how about a pre recorded song with a message that say's. Welcome to Bob's phone, your call is very important to us. Bob will be right back to handle you call. If you get disconnected while on Bob's GSM network (couldn't resist) please try again later.
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    ROFLMAO...good onw..
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    The music on hold would be cool ... but ... if I could record a message on hold for business, I could intersperse it with some music ... but that means someone needs to write that voice recorder app ... like soon.
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    This is an EXCELLENT idea.

    I don't know if it can be done technically but if it could, I'd pay $50+ dollars for it.

    I wonder if there's an easy way to get this idea into the hands of a competent developer for assessment? maybe the best place to start would be the devlopers of Ptunes?
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    Are you remembering to put the new cover sheets on the TPS reports? If you didn't then I guess you didn't get the memo.
    Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
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    Originally posted by unixmonkey
    Are you remembering to put the new cover sheets on the TPS reports? If you didn't then I guess you didn't get the memo.
    Office Space rules! Heheh... ok this is slightly off-topic, but anybody who's a fan of American football and Office Space might like it

    I will chime in that the music on hold is a great idea though!
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    What the caller hears when on-hold is a network thing, not a phone thing. The carrier would have to accept your mp3 to be uploaded to them.

    If they did this, it wouldnt be hard... but expensive for them. Could have us upload the mp3 to our voicemail box control... then make it an option when programming your v-box.
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