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    Actually, it's a typo on the frontpage of

    A search for Treo600 accessories turned up the following: "The wildly popular Handspring Treo 600 Wireless Palm Phone is now available for under $150 for the first time since it went on sale last year."

    The PalmOS version of this site seems to be new, so I think that I will forgive them. Just thought we could all use a little cardio-exercise while waiting out the weekend.
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    All right, by the time I had finished posting, the website had been revised... yeah, I told them about it.
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    Back to my "you can OWN a Treo600 before you HAVE a Treo600, but you can HAVE a Treo600 before those who OWN a Treo600" rant...

    The first third-party pre-order that I have come across is right here in NYC (I have NO affiliation with these folks and do not know them at all):

    That's all, I am done now.
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    If you go to, you will see that they already have incorrect facts about the 600! Look under "bands" and you will see "tri-band GSM. As anyone who's been following the much-awaited new Treo knows, it's QUAD-BAND GSM, not tri-band. Oh, well.....anything to make a buck.

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    The Orange website in the UK (one of the places you would hope to have accurate information as they are the first European carriers) still has the 600 down as a single band phone, despite me telling them about this 2 weeks ago:

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