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    With your assistance I found a Way to connect the new T600 to my Powerbook G3 : (PCMCIA-USB Card) thanks you.
    Bud now the next problem comes:I talked so much about the new toy, that my wife wants also a T600! Therefore I hafe tho buy two pieces. But she uses an old Mac G3 without USB (OS 9,2). Is there a way to hotsync with these old Mac? Or hafe I to buy her a new Mac too? I love my girl, but that would ruin me.

    Thank's for any Ideas.
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    cheaper to just upgrade the old G3 Mac to OS X (10.2) why would you want to continue using the old 9 system anyway?
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    It will not be the Problem with the OS 9, but the missing hardware-connection make me helpless. Is there a serielen connection-Kit? I read in each case only from USB-connection.
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    not sure that may be a problem. I think HS will have a serial cable as well as USB. Making it work? not sure.
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    That would be great. I make myself on the search...
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    Get a USB PCI card for the old G3 Mac... they are only $15 or so. Works great with Palm synching!

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