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    OK-so I understand that with the 600 you can set quick-dials to connect with internet pages. But, what is the quick way, when not on the speed-dial screens, to access the internet?

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    assign blazer to any kb key.

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    Thanks Felipe. I had a feeling that was the answer.

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    Isn't the application button (buttons to the left and right of the 5 way navagation) on the far right of the phone say "Web" and start Blazer and establish the connection to the Internet? I thought I remeber seeing this in the high res pictures of the Treo.
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    No but if you hold the option button and press the phone button, then you go directly to Blazer. Option and Calendar goes to CityTime. It seems like the next button opens SMS no matter what (this was all tested on the simulator... use right shift for the option key), and Option and screen power turns on keyguard. This is all changable under Buttons in Prefs.
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    My mistake. Just looked at a picture and the button I am referencing turns the screen on and off.
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    assign blazer to any kb key.

    Heck... assign blazer to any application key as well.

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