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    Hi all, Since sprint seems, (which may be 2 soon 2 tell), to b giving such a small discount 4 existing users of the t300 who want 2 upgrade 4 the t600.

    I would like to ask the following:

    the largest feature in buying the t300 4 me was the fact that they give unlimited internet for $10 a month. If I switch 2 another carrier, what do they $ for the internet use.

    It may pay 2 pony up the large $ to stay w/sprint if the others charge so much more 2 use the internet?

    Can anyone give me an idea how much , at&t, tmobile etc charge? thanks and take care, jay
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    My eyes! The grammar is burning them!

    If you would go to each carrier's homepage you could see their rates as opposed to being spoon-fed answers by those on the forum.

    I am with T-Mobile. I pay $20 a month for Unlimited GPRS VPN, which entails that I am provisoned with a public IP address. /end spoonfeeding
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    So sorry it is very late and I have not slept. I corrected some of it, so sorry. Not my best writing. However, I have been up for about 22 hours!

    I am also on new meds for chronic pain, starting 2day, so excuse me 4 the crummy typing & sentence construction! take care, jay
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    For me, your message was unreadable primarily not because of the grammar, but all the little shortcuts you took... that is, all the '2' and '4's... Does not typing a couple letters really save you that much time?
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    I am disabled and every keystroke I make is very painfull, so I use shorthand! Unfortunately, voice dicatation software still is pie in the sky, so I have to manage as best as I can, (although dragon naturally speaking 7.0 is a major improvement). Take care, Jay
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    Gotcha. It seems the question is which carrier provides better overall coverage for your zip code. Wireless won't matter much if you can't get a decent signal or are forced to roam when you go from one side of your house to then next. Good luck.
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    Use sprint, and keep your same plan. You pay more for the phone upfront, but you save more with the data in teh end.
    -Michael Ducker
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