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    disregard this thread i got it fixed

    i had been enjoying my 3 month old toy up until this last monday. couldnt get a signal all day. tuesday took it to sprint service center and they diagnosed it as code 7103 and said they would send me a refurbished one. that arrived today.
    i was under the assumption i would be able to just sync this unit to the profile that was on my puter.
    no such luck i guess. goes through most of it then i get a
    fatal error
    fatal exception
    behind that i see in the sync progress that it was last working on grafitti shortcuts.
    funny thing is i do not remember being able to use grafitti on the thing.
    now the old one i had downl'd booster and xmaster. which initially i thought was causing this. then i looked in the back and saw the grafitti thing. even though i had not had any problems nor had any reason to do any kind of reset on the unit since downl'ding the two.

    not sure what other info would help you all get me up again.

    do want to mention an odd observation. went to resync the old one after this happened and somehow that thing had got wiped clean of every last personal info i had on it.

    oh and one last thing i noticed there were two applications listed i never loaded on the original, power rangers watch and r2d2 droid chirp. possibly the graffiti thing also.

    is it possible they were on the refurbed one when it arrived and is it possible that the fatal error thing may have been on the refurbed one and it did not really get fixed.

    now that i think about it the old one would sync fine all this week and before that as well. until i synced the refurned one. now the old one also gives a fatal error message.

    i honestly dont know
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