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    Less than $.02 cents here but here goes ... and the original poster posted this like over a month ago so I wonder if he has decided or not on a device??

    Also, there's other threads on this board in regards to bb vs treo etc...

    My take on it - having had a BB 7230 for a few *days* ... and having to send it back because of frequent "restarts" ... that is was a really nice device. E-mail ruled on it ... I loved that and loved the software for phone / e-mail / contacts and how that was all integrated. HOWEVER, using it as a PHONE was NOT that PLEASURABLE for ME anyway. I thought the device size was just a little wide and it had some oddities when using the phone portion.

    Now, I have to admit, I just ordered a TREO 600 on SPRINT .. just today. So, next week I will be running one of those dudes.
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    I have had a T600 for almost a month and really like it.... But. My company supports the BB and I have to redirect my email to my T600 by leaving my desktop running with Sprint BC. This works ok but is not the ideal solution. I'm returning to the BB for the reason of dependable email 24/7 even though it's PIM functions are very minimal. Maybe someday we'll support other devices but until then, it's just not worth the hassle.
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    Tell your IT dept to demo Goodlink......

    They will be shocked how easy it is to run.....
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    The trouble with the Treo 600 is that it is like the Casio Casiopia. It trys to be everything to everybody and doesnot do any of them as well as it could.
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    I don't know about the pilot but the Treo600 GSM from T-Mobile will run on the GoodLink solution so I would ask them about that,,,,,,

    Quote Originally Posted by BaltimoreTreo
    I've just about convinced my firm to go with the Goodlink trial but I have a t-mobile account I am reluctant to give up because of hotspot use for my tablet. Any idea when Good can offer t-mobile devices for the pilot?
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    Will Goodlink on a Treo sync with a Mac, running Entourage?
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