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    Originally posted by DrDoom
    Hey don't get me wrong. If T-mo (or slo-mo as I call them to their faces ) does what you need then hooray! Capitalism at it's finest! BUT it sounded to me like a lot of people didn't want to leave Sprint, just ***** about them. Also America at it's finest, but I thought some of those people might like to know that Sprint does have a customer loyalty program in place they can take advantage of.
    Thanks Doom, I figured they had something, but it sounds like the deal that TreoCentral has for existing customers, doesn't reflect it. There's also a lot of confusion as to what the plus/minuses are from buying via Handspring, Sprint store, or something like Amazon. I got my best deal on the Treo 300 by going through Amazon. I don't know how I feel about negotiating with a Sprint store rep for a cheaper phone.
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    Have fun with T-mobile or Cingular, you're better off there. BTW, Sprint/T-mobile/Cingular etc. big wigs don't read these groups and see people complaining and all of a sudden decide to change things.
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    I think you digicam upgrade example may be right for those already locked into contracts, but I suspect there are a lot of people like me who are now month-to-month with Sprint. In this case I think it makes perfect business sense for Sprint to offer a discount for me to upgrade if that means I sign up for a one or two-year contract - especially with LNP looming on the horizon. I know I wil be demanding a discount on my phone - especially since I spend quite a lot every month, have been a long-time customer and always pay on time.
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