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    I finally got around to reading the (GSM) user manual in a bit more detail.

    Some disappointments:

    • Not much discussion of ring tones, but the implication is MIDI sounds only! I'm wondering if they are even polyphonic.
    • Looks like picture ID can only be assigned to speed dial contacts, not all in the address book
    • It doesn't look like you can have custom ring tones per contact
      Correction: you can have custom ring tones but as for picture ID they have to be in your favourites
    • No indication of if you can route traffic via the LAN rather than GPRS. When I'm connected (plan on eventually getting an 802.11 SD card) I don't want to pay 1000 times more for sending the data over GPRS.
    • And has been discussed elsewhere, no voice command, which I'm hoping might come with 3rd party software, but lack of voice recorder s/w makes me wonder if the microphone is that accessible to the Palm OS
    • ok - I won't say anything about the screen res, lack of BT (or phone level support for a BT card)

    Don't get me wrong. I still think it's the best option out there, especially since the SGH-i500 is still vapour, and you keyboard folks are winning me over from my confirmed graffiti position.

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    Where can I find a copy of that manual?
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    I grabbed it from a link to the FCC site in an earlier thread. Sorry - don't have it handy. You might need to search, or go back a few pages. It was only a few days ago.

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    Originally posted by AJB
    [*]It doesn't look like you can have custom ring tones per contact (or did I miss this - I confess I skimmed that part a bit)
    Hi AJB,

    not sure about GSM but if you look at the picture on page 125 in the CDMA manual, the place where they explain how to do a CallerID Picture, there is also a selection box for a Ringtone. So, you probably can have custom ring tones per contact, but they also need to be in your favorites (just like for Caller ID picture.)
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    You're right. I checked the GSM manual, and it's the same. You can add a custom ring tone to contacts in your favourites.

    Pity both pictures and ring tones can't be for all contacts.
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    The Technical Specification section of the Developer Reference Guide has this to say about the Audio:

    Polyphonic ring tones Yes
    Number of tones 16

    As for pictures against only favourites, as a non-business user I can live with that - even though my contacts now number a couple of hundred entries, the majority of these are 'faceless' organisations rather than individuals. Also, I receive calls on my mobile from at most a dozen people - most people still ring my landline numbers - and I wouldn't want to fill up memory with picture which are rarely at best, never at worst, used.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the microphone is accessible, and that third party voice applications will be available.
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    Yeah I'll have to agree with that one... I wouldn't want picture ID for numbers not in my favorites. If they're not in my favorites, they're not important enough for me to care about that sort of thing. They're probably businesses or contacts that I don't talk to on a regular basis.

    I'm not too keen on voice commands though. Everything I've used that has this function is usually just a pain in the ****. With the 5-way nav pad and the shortcut key possibilities, I don't think voice commands will be necessary since you can do everything quickly and easily on the T600 anyhow.

    The only item on your list that I think could be cool would be the voice recorder. Making little voice memos would be quite useful. And I've heard rumors too that some company is developing software for that sort of thing. Let's hope it's true
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    I'm not even sure that voice recording is much use since the 600 has a keyboard - using graffiti on my Visor to enter quick notes could be a bit of a pain. On the few occasions I have had to do that kind of thing, I have written freehand in Diddlebug on the Visor, or called my own number on my mobile and left myself a voice mail.

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