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    I posted this in another thread, but that one was devolving into a bunch of personal stuff that I don't understand or care about ... Sorry if this duplicates another thread in any way.

    I live in a smallish city. My store here is an "LTD" store (I assume that means limited). One of the customer service guys there, when I dropped by Thursday to ask about the Treo 600, said that they don't always get the more exotic phones there and may NEVER get it there. He gave me a number to call at a larger store in a bigger city about an hour away.

    Is he probably right? Or would an "LTD" store definitely get inventory of this phone as well? They do sell Treo 300s and some other smartphones there. I was hoping that my local store would get some phones, not just so I could pick it up easily in person, but also because I figured there'd be less competition here than elsewhere for this type of phone.

    To clarify, this is not a tiny store. It's about the size of a Radio Shack or a little bigger. Every time I go there, people are lined up to pay their phone bills. There's a kiosk with cell phones in the middle of the store, and about four or five customer service people work inside the kiosk answering questions and selling phones/plans. So don't think I'm talking about a little one-man booth somewhere ...

    I should also note that my city's demograhics are pretty bad for phones like this. I live in an Army town and average incomes and education levels here are pretty low. If that factors into Sprint's distribution plans ...
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    I saw your other post and I was glad to see you are getting yours and quickly. It will be nice when we can all sing the praises fo the T600.

    As to why they are getting them or how is another matter. I don't think there is any real magic formula for distribution of any hot product. Sometimes its the out of the place locations that get them first. Upstate NY used to be the hot bed for new product testing now we are not. Bummer.

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