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    I was #78 to order today. I found the process easy to follow, and I called SPCS CS to ask a couple questions and the rep was quick to "sell' me the phone. I opted for TC Store for simple reasons. I felt I got a good deal, liked the offer and bought it.

    I emailed Marcus twice today with questions and recevied responses to both. I also had to email about my shipping address since there was no option for an alternative address. I also received an email saying it was processed with my office.

    The only part missing is my tracking number for AM NBD. BUT I am not worried. They processed alot of business and at my office I do NOT get tracking the very second it ships either.

    Marcus, looking forward to more stuff at the store.
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    Hi Marcus...

    I also found it relatively easy to order. I wouldn't have a problem if there was less of a difference in price. $599 is a whole lot more than the $299 that others are paying for the upgrade.

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    I received an e-mail from Marcus this evening. He sent me a copy of the invoice. The phone is already shipped and my card charged. He said that return instructions would be posted on this website later tonight.

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    I didnt get my shipment notification

    I hope it was sent today so I can get it by Friday.

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    Well today is the day. I did receive my T600, it was shipped to my house and thats fine. I would have played with it at work anyways and probably gotten into trouble.

    Marcus did a great job getting me the info as soon as he can. One thing everyone should know that I didn't know until today is that is not a multinational corporation. It is Marcus and his small team dedicated to our enthusiasm know as Treo's.

    I am not saying all is perfect in the world but I will say we need to give Marcus and his team some slack.

    Oh and the comments about canceling since you could goto HS directly. Why is it that HS suddenly started selling them at $399? Because TC was thats why. They are undercutting a reseller of theirs.

    This sucks, it shouldn't be and I am new to SPCS so I am happy with my deal. $200 in discounts. I don't take crack or any drugs but what do I care about a 2 year contract. This phone won't work anywhere's else anyways.

    Marcus and the team rocks.
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    i just placed the order through treocentral in order to support the site. i picked next day shipping. anyone (marcus if he has time...) know how long it will take to ship?

    -dave gandy
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    Are you a Treo 300 owner?

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    nope, i'm a fresh treo 600 (soon to be) owner.

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    I'd also support this site if the deals were approximately the same. Those of us who aren't buying here are doing so because we can get it from $200-$400 cheaper elsewhere because of a tradein discount.

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    Did everyone get a shipping confirmation? I ordered yesterday afternoon and Marcus emailed me back that it should ship out "today"(yesterday). I never received a shipping confirmation.
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    i ordered yesterday also, but did not receive the shipping confirmation. my card, however, was charged yesterday for the cost.

    -dave gandy
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