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    We only are selling Sprint right now. The Treo 600's are in Sprints warehouse - they do all the fulfilment.

    I personally do not know anything abotu handspring's discount.. I assume it will be around $100, but I don't know.
    -Michael Ducker
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    What's the URL to the store?
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    Cool. I am ready to order. What do you need as a new customer. I was ready to buy today thinking it would take sometime from SPCS to get TC authorized.

    I would like to order, and pay for AM NBD.

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    To: Marcus Adolfsson, Miradu et al:
    I know it's short, obvious & simple, yet I know you need to hear it.

    Thank You!

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    Once the 600 is available from TC will there be any email notification to those that "registered" from the front page?

    Getting tired of checking the homepage every 20 minutes for updates

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    Originally posted by itsyvonne
    I am on a plan that is $85 a month with 2000 anytime minutes and unlimited vision. I have two phones on the plan - one is my Treo 300 and the other is a non-vision phone. After I buy the Treo 600, I plan to deactivate the non-vision phone and replace it with the Treo 300 - will I still be able to continue on my same plan (with the unlimited vision & 1 free add-a-phone), or will I be forced to start a new plan since I'll have two vision phones instead of just one?


    when i called Sprint about this last week they told me I would have to pay 7.50 a month for the second vision line.

    In my case I might not use the treo 300 too often since it will be an emergency phone. So I might opt for the .02 kb with no monthly plan.

    first however I am going to argue that when I setup the second phone with the shared mins. They should have given me the same plan that I had on my primary phone and not a pared down version. That would mean I should have had a vision plan on my second phone. We will see when it comes time to order and switch. The info they give seems to change daily
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    It is going to be sooooo hard knowing that the Sprint version is available and shipping and I'm going ot have to sit and wait for the GSM version to come out
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    Originally posted by silverado
    It is going to be sooooo hard knowing that the Sprint version is available and shipping and I'm going ot have to sit and wait for the GSM version to come out
    tell me about it.
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    Originally posted by silverado
    It is going to be sooooo hard knowing that the Sprint version is available and shipping and I'm going ot have to sit and wait for the GSM version to come out
    Yeah but our's will look more elegant and we'll be able to talk longer on a single charge.

    Better things come to those who wait..........
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    So not to bother you too much, but is there any update on the status of the TreoCentral store? Not to rush you or anything though; I know its alot of work to put something like that up... I was just wondering if theres a new estimate on the time.
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    Don't quote me on this, but I think tommorow by noon is the new goal.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    It seems like most current Sprint customers posting their experience (except for a possessed few) are getting better rebates/discounts than what you posted earlier. Esp. with new line of service (add a phone) or extension of contract 1-2 years, but some even with replacement phones.

    Any updates on that?

    And what will be the website for the store when it's up?

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    I am not very related to the store, so I can't answer most the questions - I just have access to it. You will know when it has launched, and the link has already been posted.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Any news on the store site?

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    I really, really want to support TreoCentral by making my purchase through you guys, but I just can't wait much longer!
    Please let us know what the current satnding on the store is. If I don't hear anything soon, I am probably either going to go insane, or just break down and purchase it from sprint.

    Don't get me wrong, I know there must be a lot of work involved, and I appreciate it.
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    NOT COOL that TC Moderators told all of us Sunday night and we haven't seen anything yet, nor have theykept us abreast on the status of the TC store. I have waited until now to purchase the Treo 600 in order to show my support for TC and its moderators, and their hard work in trying to offer the T600 to its loyal fan base. Nevertheless, I, for one, have felt as if, though unintentionally, they've been playing with us.

    Building an online store is quite a challenging monster, if the moderators haven't found that out yet. Dealing with the Treo freaks we all are, I wish they would have realized that if they said Sunday night, tons of us would be glued to the site at that time.

    They've lost tons of business because of that. I do hope they get everything working soon. As for me, I'm going to call Sprint just about now.
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    Time is runnning out for me too. I have a meeting in 30 minutes. If I don't have anymore info from treocentral when I get back at about 7pm (central time), then I will begin the process of trying to order through Sprint.
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    For those who don't want to deal with Sprint there are two auctions open on ebay for a sprint T600. Bidding starts at $760! There are good pictures of the unit and it's packaging though.
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    I talked to marcus about an hour ago, he will launch it tonight (didn't say when tonight, but most likely pretty late) with or without all the features enabled (IE there might only be ordering capabilities at launch).

    Thank you for waiting.

    600 units are in stock and ready to ship.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I can wait one more day. I do want AM NBD shipping though so I can get it by Thursday (Friday at the latest) so I have time to play, learn the new phone. Besides helping TC earn some $$$ is a good thing. Server bandwidth isn't free.
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