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    Just preorder with CDW @ $579.45. They are scheduled to receive 10 ea on 10/7 and will ship the next day.

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    Tempted, but I think I'll see if my local store has it, and if not, order from Sprint or elsewhere. I may regret it if everyone sells out instantly and I am stuck waiting weeks for one of the second batch.
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    PreOrder my **** with CDW not in a million years. First they rip you off, then they tell you its shipped, they you find out your all screwed up inside.
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    I called my CDW business account contact today and he verified it's not in yet, but should be "sometime this week" and knows nothing about any rebates through then for plans or being a previous treo owner.
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    I talked with my contact at CDW this morning.. I deal with them weekly for tons of products. They told me that they will have them tomorrow and I can expect it Wednesday morning.

    The problem is that they want me to set up a new account. I told him that I wanted to add this as a new line on my existing plan and he didn't seem to want/ or think they could do that.

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    Ack! That's no good. I'm willing to add a second line (my girlfriend wanted to switch to sprint and just share a pool of minutes with me), but not a second account at the moment. We'll have to see if we can get CDW to do what we need if we can't get it elsewhere.
    Gabe Kangas
    Achievatron 2004 - ?
    Visor Deluxe -> Treo 300 -> TREO 600 -> Treo 650
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    Just got off the phone with my primary rep and the mobile wireless specialist.
    I'm not too clear on the process they're talking about. But, they said the phone will come activated. ?????
    I told them I wanted to do the activation when I get the phone.
    They said not a problem.
    They said something about these phones were marked for all new activations. new lines, but they're sending it anyway and I can just activate and use my existing account. I don't know if that means they have a deal w/ sprint and they're supposed to get new activations or what. But the bottom line is: When they get it, they're sending it. I don't have to have a new line, and they've been very helpfull and (cross my fingers) so far so good.
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    Sprint's warehouse in KY is supposed to be shipping the Treo 600's tomorrow. CDW has placed orders for the T600 from Sprint directly and best case they will have them Wed.
    Check with your reps or specialists again.

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