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    I just placed my pre-order with Sprint - it was actually the best experience I have had with them and in the 5 years I have been a customer, I have been extremely happy.

    I don't know the price, like most of the others, but ordered sight/price unseen/unknown out of desperation. It will be overnighted to me for arrival on Monday morning prior to 10:30am. Unfortunately, the folks that were able to make this happen weren't able to swing Saturday delivery b/c the phone's official release is Monday and no one wanted to lose their jobs, obviously. As they are also now closed, I cannot pass their information to you as it would be of no use as it will be outdated by Monday as the T600 will already be GA.

    I'm not sure why I'm posting except to get closure and do some healing after my 4 weeks of obsessing.

    Needless to say, I am very excited, I will have a tracking number shortly and voila - I'll have to find some NEW toy to hunt, spend money and presumably anger my wife.

    Ah..but such is life and the circle continues.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Good for you. So, your posting almost sounds as if you are telling all of us, "Ja, ja, ja... I got a Treo on Monday AM and you can't... ja, ja, ja!... And I won't give you the number even though I have it!...." I mean, there is no guarantee that the Treo will be GA (Generally Available, for those who don't get it) on Monday in all stores... I'd much rather order it on Monday from your people if I KNOW that I will get it on Tuesday for sure...
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    Why'd you wait until closing time to post this? And, what general department of Sprint did you talk with? Obviously not *2.
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    Unfortunately, I would have most certainly posted this earlier, however, I only found out that I had achieved success a few moments before my original post. The lady that I spoke with was in Texas and had contacted a warehouse somewhere on central time, both of whom were just "leaving" for the weekend when they finally figured out a way to make this happen.

    I know it looks suspicious, but seriously I had no idea...

    And as to your second question, definitely not *2 - in fact, I was transferred around so much I don't know WHERE I ended up. I started off with the business services group...

    Lee Ladisky
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    After calling Sprint on various numbers over the last week and going to two of the local stores here in Manhattan, then getting the same answers from all of them......

    I doubt the posting of anyone who says they can purchase an item that is not listed with a price. How can they even enter the information for the purchase when we all know better?

    Maybe those with a special account have pre-sale access...maybe.

    It may be that they are being fooled by the operators at Sprint or it may be they are fooling us? It must be quite a personal trill being the first among those who all want to be first, eh?

    I have a business account with Sprint....
    I called all the numbers....
    I am very good at this ...

    and I doubt it.

    But if this is how they get their trills and it doesnt cause anyone harm...

    I am glad for them...not that they have the first phone...which realy doesnt matter, after all I plan to lock myself in my room for days making it jump, skip and jump for me....not post it online in hope of letting a lot of guy I dont know...know it.
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    No "ja ja ja" intended, really. Here's the complete deal:

    I purchased a new vehicle 12 mos ago with a built-in Sprint phone. I went to reactivate the phone a few days ago hoping to add the T600 service to what would have been the built-in carphone plan shortly after the T600 release. Long story short, I "activated the phone" and cancelled my old service.

    8 hours later, when the VERY expensive phone in my car still sat idle, no service and with a very annoying "announcement" flipping me the proverbial "bird" at every call attempt, I called back to the CS group who admitted making a mistake - they could NOT reactivate my phone without vehicle manufacturer intervention - which would NOT happen before hell froze over.

    Therefore, as their penance, they agreed to ship me a loaner phone (just so I could get service as my other service was no longer and I'm in sales, obviously it's important) AND to ensure that I had a T600 on Monday.

    It took multiple calls, hours on hold, a very patient CS rep in the Business Order group and a couple supervisors.

    Okay... now you know. My impatience, hypocracy and ability to manipulate the system know no bounds.

    Lee Ladisky
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    why would you come on to tell us you are getting a 600 on monday if it has no relevance to us? normally people come on here to tell us information about "GA".they don't come on here to see that you bought a screwed up car w/ a built in phone. and if you don't know why you are posting, why would you post?
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    stopped in my local SPCS store (suburb of Dallas) and they were clueless, of course. Their exact words were 'it should be months before we get that phone'. Typical clueless doofi.
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    Jeez, don't be so hard on him. You know we're really just jealous.

    Seriously, if I knew I'd get one by 10:30 a.m., I'd probably post about it here, too. Who do you expect him to share his excitement about it with, his wife??
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    Okay my friend [SprintTreo600],

    You seriously need to relax...I've been a poster here for quite some time so there's no need for flames. My information gets me NO better than 24 hours advance on anyone ordering online but NOTHING better anyone who walks into a store on Monday. While inventory lasts, you will have one in your hot little hands by merely strolling to your local store.

    Any intelligent person would infer from my post a CONFIRMATION of release next week for GA, specifically Monday. It further confirms the poster who claims they saw them in boxes at a Chicago store.

    So chill... have a glass or two, enjoy the weekend and make no plans before 10am on Monday so you too can purchase your T600.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Thanks for the backup Wombat2,

    I swear as I hit send on the initial message, I knew SOMEBODY would flame me. And you are quite correct, my wife doesn't quite share my excitement about these things. In fact, I think she will probably excise my jumblies if she hears me bring it up one more time (she just see's my toy hobby as a money pit).

    Lee Ladisky
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    Originally posted by wombat2
    Seriously, if I knew I'd get one by 10:30 a.m., I'd probably post about it here, too. Who do you expect him to share his excitement about it with, his wife??
    That's pretty funny! (imagining my wife's eyes glaze over)
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    "My hipocricy ... knows no bounds"

    Who are you, Doc Holiday???

    Glad to hear you're getting your Treo, but I just gotta ask: What new car did you buy that had a built in Sprint phone? I've been thinking lately about how bad I want a real deal, old school built in car phone.
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    I want a Treo 600!!!
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    Yeah - I was wondering if someone would pick up my reference to "Doc Holiday." The movie was on the other night and my wife and I were watching while negotiating the stomach flu.

    Anyway, enough for the details - as for the car that had the built in car phone... I bought a Lexus LS-430, but many other manufacturers include carphone options these days, and if not, they include bluetooth handsfree options...

    The following manufacturers include one or more of those options that I am aware of: Lexus, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Denali/GMC, Audi.

    Hope this helps!

    Lee Ladisky
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    Originally posted by Leeladisky
    Yeah - I was wondering if someone would pick up my reference to "Doc Holiday." The movie was on the other night and my wife and I were watching while negotiating the stomach flu.


    "I have not yet begun to defile myself"

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    Yep - that is exactly what I was trying to do - share my excitement. After over a year of contributing to TreoCentral with posts, support for content developers with beta testing and help to other Treousers, apparently newbies have decided it's better to flame folks who once shared their excitement than to continue sharing it just because someone beats them to the punch - it can't be anything other than jealousy.

    These are obviously the same folks, who started the school race at the same time but finished last. They jumped up and down, cried fowl and claimed everyone else cheated. It's a "bully mentality."

    Thanks but, this WILL be my last response to what has all but become a ridiculous thread. Thanks to those who understood and shared the excitement with me. Funny how I didn't see any flames to anyone else who claimed they get theirs Monday or Tuesday.

    To everyone else (aka the nasty bastards on this board): Get a life, get a clue and go get your own Treo at the store. Post about it here and I'll assure you that you will NOT be treated with the same disrespect and immaturity as you have shown me.

    Lee Ladisky
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    I, for one, am RESPECTFULLY jealous
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    I'm jealous, sure I want one today, but I can wait. I am also happy for the the folks who have one now and have one on order. Its allowing us to better understand what we are getting before we spend $500.
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    Please be respectful of others on this board, even when doubting them.

    To clear up the confusion, the Treo 600 was officially available on friday for business custumors, sprint business partners and the like. I have learned this directly from Sprint. It will be available soon to the general public.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks Miradu!
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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