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    There seems to be alot of different prices being mentioned about how much the Treo 600 will cost from Sprint. This article mentions $399 with activation:

    I've also heard $549 and $499 pricepoints.

    My question is : What will be the cost for an existing Sprint customer? (not counting any type of rebate from Handspring for existing Treo customers).
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    the price i got was 599.00, i am an existing customer.
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    Maybe it's in the link posted above, but didn't someone post exact words at one of these Mission rollouts where they explicitly said "$499 - $100" for Treo 300 owners?????
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    600 dollars is too rich for me
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    $600?? The thing should be 399 period. No more.

    If the magical comeback of T608 actually happens, then 199 for the phone + 399 for the glorious T3 would cost the same. Convergence is nice, but at what cost?? The keyboard? it's not like you can touch type with those keys... I can graffiti just as fast as peck-typing those tiny keys.

    I am going to hold out for a bit, but right now the Treo 600 is not in my future... if the T608 doesn't come out, then I will have to suck it up and get the low-res, low-power Treo. And when palmOne makes a T3-smartphone in the next year or two, I'll do a dance and ceremoniously dump the Treo 600 in the Potomac.
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    $600 for two devices or $549 for one that does it all. I thought I had to have a HiRes pda/phone well I don't and most likely no one really does either. People complain about battery life, they want BT, they want WiFi, what they don't want is the price that comes with all the fame and fortune of those devices.

    I don't think PalmOne bought HS for its intellecutual property, they bought it for the Treo, its name recognition, its placement in the product line up. The TW sucks and everyone knows it.

    Bottom line to each his own.
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    Sprint/Handspring can charge whatever they want from reading the posts on this board... People are preordering without even finding out a definite price. They will charge whatever they think they can get for it. The supply will probably be low in the beginning and early adopters don't seem to care about the price. If you guys want them to charge less, don't buy it right now. Believe me, the price will drop if they have a few thousand treo 600s sitting in a warehouse. My guess is that this will be another apple-style product annoucement. The type where they annouce a product, take tons of orders, and only ship a few out, leaving the rest of the people who ordered at $599 waiting several months to actually get one. My contract expires in Dec. I'm not planning on preordering, because by the time the Treo arrives I bet I'll be out of my contract and entitled to get equipement credit through retention plans.

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