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    I live in an apartment building where I get a weak Sprint signal near the outside my apartment (near windows, outer walls) which disappears in the inner parts of my apartment. Meanwhile, the Verizon signal is consistent (though in some places weak) throughout the apartment (as long as I pull up the antenna on my Motorola 720). Just outside the apartment, the signal is strong (for most every carrier).

    So my question is, does anyone have a theory on what will happen if I get a Treo 600 CDMA version? Will I spend most of my time roaming on Verizon while in my apartment? Will the phone immediately shift to SPCS when an SPCS signal creeps in? Will these shifts be transparent to me as I'm talking on the phone?

    Your input is appreciated.
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    Usually which ever signal is strong in your situation you could end up roaming alot. You can also set the phone to your home netwwork when in you apartment that way you will not roam onto VzW.

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