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    I received the following e-mail from PdaNet:

    "There will be a separate version of PdaNet that runs on Treo600. You will
    have to purchase it
    again even if you purchase the version for Treo 300."

    Is this true in general of the other zillion 3rd party apps out there? It would be a consideration whether to upgrade to a 600 or not if you have a sizable investment in 3rd party apps for your 300, 270, 180.
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    There is a nice way to screw a customer!
    Good thing I never bought their app!
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    I would think most things will run, except those that do tricky (hacks) things or were specific to the 300.

    Expecting it free is like expecting to get the 600 free too.
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    Most developers will add support to OS5 and most will charge either a small upgrde fee or if they stated free upgrades for life you won't have to worry. I never used the app mentioned above but they are ripping users off. If they can't afford to develop improved apps as the OS moves on they should get out of the business.

    Only hacks didn't work on my last two OS5 Palms.

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