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    A couple of days ago I started to have the following problem
    on my Treo 300. I make a call and see the clock start
    counting the seconds of the call , but I can not hear ring
    back and can not hear the person I am calling. I know
    that I am connected because the person I called told me
    later that they heard me.

    If a call comes in, sometimes I can hear the caller and other
    times I can't.

    I tried updating with the updater 1.0.1, but this still occurred
    this morning.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I have had my treo for over a year.
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    The same happened with mine, the speaker wire that passes through the hinge was broken and had intermittent connection. In my case it would not work mostly when the lid was closed, what made the diagnostic very difficult. Out of warranty, I had to fix the problem myself. See a post I've made before on the topic.
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    Same thing happened to me. Had to bring it to the sprint store for an exchange. The store tests it, confirms that it's broken, and has sprint corporate send you a refurbished unit. when you get the new unit, you send bac your old one in a pre-paid ups envelope. or, if you're lucky, the store will swap the phone for you.
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    I'm having this problem as well. If I shake the phone violently, the sound works, but obviously this is not a good solution (feels like the flip lid is going to break off, for one thing). I've had it for over a year, otherwise I would try to exchange it.
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    This past week I had the same problem w/my Treo300: Intermittent audio from the earpiece. Opened it up and the 2-wire plug was "un-plugged". The plug to "outlet" interface has practically zero retension force, so I suspect many users with the same no audio problem have the same problem. My preventative fix was to add a piece of poron (thin sponge with stickum) on the inside of the housing opposite the plug to lightly hold the plug in place.
    Re-assembled and no more problems.
    For tips on opening up your Treo search my posts for a tip on the process, topic was something like "Painting my Treo"


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