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    Just placed my order with global mobile communications in UK, they have stock (approx 20 units) and will be shipping in 2-3 working days. Its on an orange contract and the price was minty compared to some other online stores, but I dont care - I need it! if you want one
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    How much did you pay exactly and for what tarrif (it says 199-299 on their site, which I don't think is more expensive than anywhere else will be...)?
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    I think it was 169.99 on talktime 200. I just hope they do have stock, and are not trying to get advance orders on the fly.

    Ah well fingers crossed.
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    Take a look at
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    But they dont have any stock yet.
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    Originally posted by armitage
    But they dont have any stock yet.
    I didn't say they did, though they do state availability for the week starting 6th Oct - i.e. this Monday. I was (too vaguely, I now realise) refering to the fact that they are currently offering the 600 on Talk Time 200 for only 59.99, 110 less than the one given in your last post.

    I am prepared to wait for a few more days if it saves me 110.
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    Latest on delivery is as follows

    "We are waiting for Orange to put them onto their systems so we can activate contracts. they have told us this will be today so we can almost definitely post your treo tomorrow."

    Will keep you posted
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    just spoke to an orange rep who said they 'launched' today. This means that it's on the system and may be available in some channels (other suppliers, retail stores, etc) but he has no stock.

    Nothing at my local store or at the bullring yet...
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    I went to one of the Orange shops in Nottingham yesterday (5th Oct), and asked "Any news on the Treo 600?". He said, rather depressingly, that the only info they had came from a one page ad in the latest Orange brochure. No idea on prices or availability.

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    I emailed the guy from the handspring/orange press release, his response was "sometime during October"

    The people at global-mob did swear to me that they had stock of around 20 units, but wanted to release them all at once. They said they get stock from handspring direct, being one of their approved resellers. They cant however release the handset without the orange contract - and im guessing orange wont do that until they have stock in their shops.

    My guess is that someone is trying to synchronise a global release date, and the delays are all down to logistics.
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    Originally posted by armitage
    I emailed the guy from the handspring/orange press release, his response was "sometime during October"

    Just spoke to someone at the Orange shop in Tottenham Ct Rd.

    Scheduled release for 15th October, but not guaranteed!
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    The latest from

    "I'm very sorry but unfortunately Orange have recalled our first delivery of stock as they have found a fault with the handspring. It will hopefully be rectified as soon as possible. Once this has been sorted we will be the first to receive a delivery.
    Again I am very sorry about this and shall keep you informed of when the new stock will be available to us"
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    Do you have any further info about this - anyone?
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    I called Global-mob and they said just that - all UK orange units had a fault and needed to be recalled. as far as I can see this is going to set back UK release by weeks. They have had the units since thurs pm and only now they find a fault ??

    This is just about the last straw for me - I disposed of my old phone weeks ago and now I really need a phone. I don't think I can afford to wait for these idiots to finally release this damn phone - just have to find something else.
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    Probably find Clobal-Mob never had any handsets in the first place, just trying to hold onto your money!
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    On the french Treo MSN group somebody posted that Orange Switzerland is now saying 0ct 15. No explanation for the delay.
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    Actually, it was nzmoko who posted the news about Orange CH here

    It's not easy to track all these different sites for info
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    Just had a mail from mobileshop and I quote:

    "Orange are often late with deliveries, but we've not heard of any problems with the phones themselves."

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    I e-mailed global-mod this morning asking them to contact me when they have stock and got this response:

    'We will call you as soon as we receive them, hopefully early next week.'

    Presumably there must be some basis for this hope...
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    Surely someone somewhere knows whats happening with the Treo in UK.

    Ive tried handspring uk, orange uk, orange shops and all distributors I can think of.

    I just want a specific date from a reliable source, thats all!!!!!!
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