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    I am not posting this to start a war or anything like that...
    I have owned the Kyo 6035 and now the Treo 300. There are many things I like about the Treo, but the battery life and Turbo drain make it far too risky to depend on in travel situations. So, I need to get a new phone.

    I like the keyboard on the 300, but I can live with Grafitti.
    I really like PQAs and use them constantly. I know I can also use a browser, but how does that make the process anything better? Generally it makes it slower and harder to read.

    So...while I was going to get the 600...I'm now considering the Samsung. I have had Samsung phones int he past and they have served me well, but they were not smartphones.

    So...tell me what you guys think. How is the 600 better? What do and don't you like about both phones.

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    Originally posted by kschoenberg

    So...tell me what you guys think. How is the 600 better? What do and don't you like about both phones.
    My main reasons for skipping the SPH-i500 are...

    1) no expansion capabilities
    2) OS 4
    3) no external display
    4) no speakerphone

    Granted, the SGH will solve some of those problems but I have yet to hear anything specific about when that will be released.
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    Memory card would be nice for backup...not that Palm devices ever require a hard reset

    External display would be nice too...that is a consideration.

    Palm OS5 means no more PQAs...The PQA was one of the best things that Palm ever did. It showed an understanding of how data could be presented on a small device...and now they do away with it to follow MS and force people to use a browser. UGH

    I wonder if there's any hope of someone writing an app that will allow PQAs on OS5 devices.

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    Here's a post (half way down the page...mattmcg) from a guy who owns an i500 but who will drop it for the Treo600. You might want to see what he has to say.
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    Thanks, Scrinch

    If someone would just come up with a way to run PQAs on the 600 I'd probably go for it over the Samsung.

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    Well, when you get away from the Palm side of things, there's a few things I just didn't like about the I500 (which is why I took it back).

    For one, the buttons along the side are indistinguishable from one another, so it's hard to tell which is for volume, menus, etc. There's no tactile difference. Also, they are *extremely* easy to press by accident; every time I opened the flip lid, the screen would change because I'd hit every button. It was quite annoying.

    Also, the angle of the flip is more severe than most flip-phones, so it feels awkward at first. I'm assuming they did this so that your screen doesn't rub against your face (it works), but it still feels strange to me.

    The stylus being on the opposite side. I know this might be nitpicking, but not only is it annoying having it on the other side, but the stylus is just not easy to get out of the barrel, partly due to the lip of the barrel on the device. It was driving me crazy while I had it.

    Palm-wise, I thought the thing was great; it's got a very nice screen, runs smoothly, and worked with ever OS 4 app I threw at it. I just wish they'd ironed out the kinks in the thing, as it's very cool for what it is, but somewhat disappointing after spending a week with it! Hope this helps!
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    Thank you...your post did help....I'm still undecided.

    I guess I'll wait for the 600 to come out and watch the boards. Maybe someone will make a PQA tool for OS5 and make the decision easier for me.

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    Originally posted by kschoenberg

    I guess I'll wait for the 600 to come out and watch the boards. Maybe someone will make a PQA tool for OS5 and make the decision easier for me.

    That's not gong ot happan. Unfortunately, Web clippings are Dead! I've not seen anyone develop a PQA-compatible browser for Palm OS 5. Furthermore, quite frankly there is no substantial market for a developer to do so. Yes there are a few Treo users as well some T|W, and perhaps i705 users out there, but not enough. The only solution is use a tool like this one from palmoswerks to disassemble a PQA file and then directly use the URLs from the PQA or post files to your own site for your to use from another browser...

    The only solution is to find mobile formatted equivalent sites that can replace your PQA's. One great resource is Pdaportal:

    I hope that helps. I know I'll be feeling DA withdrawl once I get the Treo600 as well...

    P.S. The really wierd thing is that Junefabrics that makes PDANet for Treos always makes Pocket Web Clippings which allows you to run web clippings on PPC! I wonder if they would be interested in making a OS 5 version? Hmmm, maybe someone should email them and ask...*hint*
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    Oh, now you guys are hitting on my topics. First, let me say i have owned an i300, i330, and now the I500.

    The i500 is AWESOME. its a great device. However, it is substantially different than the treo.

    you want a small phone, that has strong calender, average email and lite web browsing. That can contain other information like some games, then the I500 is your device. There simply will not be any smaller phone available with those features in the foreseeable future.

    the external diesply youl get over, the sd slot would be nice but not nessecary for a corporate exec.

    the battery life and switching out is Great and the size is Great.

    Of course you guys know what the treo is good for, email, keyboard, faster palm OS, SD slot, more bells whistles. But its bigger, and the battery life is an issue, I simply dont' believe the CDMA batt life time until i see it.

    It was 5 hours then the sprint manual says 4. It will probably be 3.5

    If you want to consider the i500, i recomend going to and reading info there. I think you won't get a good opinion here it has been my experience that the Treo people here are treo absolutists. The treo can do no wrong, it is a perfect device only eclipsable by the new treo.

    Anyway, at pdaphone home, we like our i500s, but we are alway slooking for a better mouse trap and we are not restricted to samsung.

    is eclipsable a word?

    also the SGH i500 is not going to be out for at least 9 months, if your lucky.

    also there is a guy at pdaphonehome who is workign on a bluetooth/ sd mod for the i500, very interesting stuff.

    Good Luck
    Hmm, Possible Treo Convert?
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    I did send an email to June Fabrics asking about a WC app for OS 5.

    I'll check I do think I have received some honest opinions here.

    Personally, I have been using gadgets, computers, etc. since the 70s and just never fell in love with one brand. There have been great devices by some manufacturers and not so great ones. I just don't care who makes the thing...I care about the specific device, whether it is well built and meets my needs.

    I really appreciate the's pretty close...I'm gonna wait to hear the reviews of real users on the 600.


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