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    I noticed from Jeff Hawkins interview on ZDnet at SF Mission Possible event that Treo600 has been customized for every carrier with different stuff under the hood of Treo600. Wondering if this would mean that
    - the performance with each of the carriers would be drastically different.
    - the hardware/software problems you will notice on one carrier will not appear on others.
    - it will create competition within Treo600 itself between carriers.

    and lastly....
    - are we gonna have different discussion groups for each carrier at

    Your views please.

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    I would not sweat this too much. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $2$ $main$ $flavors$ $are$ $the$ $dual$ $band$ $CDMA$ $and$ $the$ $quad$ $GSM$/$SPRS$. $The$ '$customization$' $is$ $really$ $in$ $the$ $software$/$firmware$ ($e$.$g$. $browser$ $is$ $carrier$ $customized$ $like$ $I$ $have$ $with$ $Cingular$ [$forced$ $home$ $page$]).
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    A good example is the Treo on for Orange. They have apps like Orange BackUp that we won't have. Hopefully SPCS will give us something worthwhile.

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