View Poll Results: How will you carry your Treo 600?

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  • In my pocket with no case

    50 33.56%
  • In the slip case that comes with it

    18 12.08%
  • In a plastic holster on my belt

    22 14.77%
  • In a see-through case on my belt (operate it while it's in the case)

    12 8.05%
  • In a leather "pouch" case either virtically or horizontally on my belt

    42 28.19%
  • Other (post an explaination!)

    5 3.36%
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    How will you carry your Treo 600? Any suggestions on what types of cases should be made? What would be you're idea of a perfect carrying case?
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    I've always used a plastic holster for all my belt-type gadgets. They usually provide the easiest and fastest access to the device when you need it. I'm sure this will be my choice for the 600 as well.
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    i will b using the custom made case i used 4 my t300, the t600 should fity in w/room 4 stereo headphones! take care, jay
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    Surgically implanted in my wrist, like a communicator should be.
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    Here is the case that I will be using
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    I think a $500+ device deserves a fine leather case. The Nutshell looks like a nice option.
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    Originally posted by WeeBitObsessed
    Here is the case that I will be using
    Do you think that is a snap closure (where you must apply pressure for it to close) or a magnetic snap?
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    I'd like a plastic holster for my belt, but the way aftermarket usually works I probably will have to have it in my pocket in the slip case for a while
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    I like that case.

    Where did you get it?
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    I like a See through case that ALWAYS protects the Treo..

    And it is AVAILABLE NOW for just 20 bucks from mobile planet!

    Order yours before they run out.

    They also have the other case the one that looks like it comes with the Treo!
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    recieved an email from covertec that they will be releasing a case very soon
    i like their other stuff so lets see
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    what exactly is a slip case? is it something like a leather case, but where the screen and the keys are there is plastic?

    or like the treo nutshell?
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    i want something like this:

    but without the clip...
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    for casual use it will be on my hip but for when its time to go to the club or when things get rough it will be in my pocket.
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    Originally posted by WeeBitObsessed
    Here is the case that I will be using
    Does this case have a belt clip on the back? If not, I'll try to find one just like it that be mounted horizontally on the belt. The snap has got to be fairly loose, though, to avoid mashing the screen!
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    Here is what I use and will be using, I can also sell these if anyone wants one. They are $14.95 + shipping.

    front view
    side view

    This is with the 300 in it, it will also fit a 90 and treo 600.

    They are nylon and have a velcro flap that comes over the front for security, but i just fold mine down. for quick access. They hold real snug and I have never had an issue with it falling out. it attaches to the belt with a velcro loop pictures, its adustable for any size belt.

    email me if you are intersted.
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    With a Radioshack, stick-on, belt clip. I have not found anything I like better.
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    I would rather ppl think I'm happy to see them than have anything hanging on my belt (i use to have a prism and vp).

    It will go in my pocket with a brando as its only protection.
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    so far, I have always been a phone-in-pocket type guy, but I think that a hip holster might be in my future as long as it is secure, comfortable, and not unsightly.
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    Hip holsters are for geeks.
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