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    Pretty much the same as yesterday from Customer Service - we don't know when it's coming out, can't find any documentation, blah blah. I did get the rep to reitterate that the store CANNOT sell the phone without customer serivce having documentation in their systems. Basically, sounds like you can't activate the thing unless Sprint has activaition infromation - which makes sense to me. In any event, I also got out of the rep that their computers are refreshed 12:00 CST, and the earliest time someone on the East Coast let's say, could call in to check on the phone to order it, etc., she said was 8:00 AM EST. Now.. I don't know why you have to wait that long.. but that's what the rep said.

    I made the Subject title what it is simply so that people can update a single Subject with relevent information about the day. Quite frankly, we're all going to be speculating and reporting what we have gotten information wise out of Sprint - who at this point - is leaving a bit to be desired when it comes to informing it's customers. Eventually, this thing will be coming out. As soon as someone has it in their hands, that's probably a good point for the rest of us to start having a cow. Until that happens, we're pretty much all just calling and showing up at stores saying... gimmie! I'll be checking in throughout the day - any more news is good news!
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    Was there at Sprint store yesterday.
    One said they are not planning to get T600 at all as they are planning to introduce a PTT phone. When he went to check details of PTT phone, he came back saying he sees T600 in his store catalog on the computer, but has no details.

    Another said, they get a surprise package every wednesday to their store. I bet it is going to be middle of next week.

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