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    maybe itls the prescription cough syrup i'm taking but is this possible?

    1 week later . . . craig sits curled up in the fetal position caressing his Treo 600 while his wife and a psychiatrist look on, "Yes Dr. he's been like this since he got the treo; he won't even go to work.." "Has he said anything?" "He just rocks back and forth petting the treo saying, 'Precious, my Precious' over and over again." "What can we do to get him to move?" The Dr. pauses momentarily then gets an idea. He pulls out the Hitachi G1000 and shoves it in craig's face. "Hissss," craig quickly snatches the G1000 away and smashes it on the wall then scampers away with his Treo 600 to the bedroom. "One last option . . . you'll have to talk to him using your treo, it's all he understands now."

    ok that's sick but ill post it anyway. Is Tolkien (sp?) saying something to us?
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    On their way out to the car the Dr. turn to craig's wife and says "Mam he is codependent with his treo 600. But I canlt figure out his psychotic symptoms . . . hmmm . . . Oh No! Is that a preproduction sprint treo 600 without the buldge on the ear-piece? Alas it has fried his brain. Now if u take the treo more than 2 feet away from him he will fall unconscious."
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    I thought it was funny. Its rather odd that I have shifted form ok on the T600 to can't wait, it only took a few weeks.
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    One ringtone to rule them all
    One ringtone to find them
    One ringtone to bring them all
    And in the dark tone (from SprintPCS) bind them!

    In the land of treocentral
    Where the treoaddicted lie!
    Bill Petro
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    I'm going to throw your Treo 600 in the volcano. We'll all feel better then.
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    At least we knew the real release date of LOTR.
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    True we new the date long ahead of time and they are doing a great marketing job too.

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