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    I am sure that almost everyone on here has signed up for Handspring's alert list that is supposed to notify us when developments occur with the 600.

    Well, I would say that developments are occuring but I haven't heard anything from handspring.

    When are they planning on alerting me to something? I have received their little promos via email, but nothing significant. Am I just on their junk mail list or will I receive an email that actually alerts me?

    Did they do anything similar when the 300 was released? I wasn't around here in those days.
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    Good question. I signed up for carrier specific info and then again for general. Stupid thing is they are listing VzW in that carrier option list. I don't want no stinkin spam either.
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    As I mentioned a few posts back, if you call 888-565-9393, you will be asked whether or not you would like notification of the T600 launch date. I did. It's my impression that people on this notification list will be contacted before the general public.
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    Or I can check Treocentral daily just as I am doing right now, and I'm sure there will be a burst of 100+ posts on that day...

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