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    I used to be with the majority of the people on this board in saying that the low-res screen is a big dissapointment. Whil I would still like a hi-res screen I can definety llive wituot it. I bought a Sony Clie T665C over the weekend that has a high-res screen. While this was amazing and I was extremly impressed, It didn't seem that much better than my treo 300's screen. The T665C's screen just looked soo good because of how large the sreen was. I don't think that high-res on the tiny treo screen would make that much of a differece. Also, high res apps take up TONS on ram, of which the reeo is short on. Also, expecially when using graphically intense high res apps, the batery life was pathetic. I am no longer sad at all that it lacks a 320x320 screen, though I still would like bluetooth.
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    I agree totally mwylde. I think that some people think the Treo 600 should have been designed to be the best, fastest Palm OS PDA available, and the best phone available, and still be able to buy the Treo at $500 or less. HS couldn't have done that without pushing the price up way too high, and without having to make comprimises on things like battery life, size, etc.

    The Treo 600 will be the most functionaly converged device on the market, with great battery life, a good/bright display, and from all of the reviews have a good, sturdy build quality. People can go buy a Tungsten W if they want a great PDA with phone functionality and don't mind a headset.

    HS has done the right things with this product, and I think the press/reviewers recognize this and are giving them the credit they deserve. Could the product be better? Sure but I have never seen any technology product that was perfect, and Bluetooth would have been nice (I have never used it but would like to play with it sometime). Bluetooth should be available via the SDIO in the near future, and since I have never used it anyway, it will not be a show stopper for me.
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    I see where you are coming. The complaint I had with several HiRes apps on both SONY & Palm was space. Now talk about space try a PPC, 32MB to run the apps and 32MB to store the apps. At least Palm doesn't need both.

    Now I sold my I700 and bought an IPaq 1945 (w/ BT) and thats my HiRes and I await my T600 for my phone, do all, carry all, get all info machine, but games and HiRes stuff I have a good PPC.

    I like both and see their merits, but also the down side as well.

    HiRes is not important to me but OS6 phone would be.
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    I agree! After reviewing the Treo 600 at Mission Possible in SF, the screen looks absolutely fantastic! Jeff Hawkins even commented that they designed the Treo 600 to be the most usable and readable by the widest range of user types. He said that it was actually easier to read text on the low-res screen, and it was a lot brighter as well. The screen is fine.

    I, like PalmMD, am also looking forward to having Palm OS 6 on future Treo upgrades.

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