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    I plan on getting the Sprint CDMA Treo 600. At some point it will have Bluetooth capability via an SDIO card, I understand, (although there may be an issue of the Palm OS5 driver).

    But once I have the Treo 600 w/ the BT, will I be able to use the T600 to access the web and email on my HP iPaq h2215 (and/or the Tungsten T3 if I splurge) to take advantage of the better and more powerful screens on these two new devices?

    I raise the question because my preliminary investigation suggests that you can only use GSM/GPRS for BT access to the h2215 and the T3. I hope someone can tell me I am wrong.

    If I will be able to use the T600 with BT for accessing the h2215, that will save me from having to use a Sony-Ericsson T616 with the ATT GSM/GPRS to take advantage of the better h2215 or T3
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    I think you'll find that having just the one device (yes, even with the lesser screen on the 600) will ultimately be more functional than the two-device BT combo (esp pairing one PDA with another - that's somewhat funky).
    I'm guessing that you have a 300 now, based on your user name, so - do ya really want to go with 2 things?
    (I know none of this really answers your main question - I'm just intrigued with someone wanting to use a 600 to act as a BT modem for another PDA - seems kinda nonsensical to me, so convince me why it's a good thing).
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    It seems that using BT w/ my flat rate data plan would be the cheapest way to surf on my h2215. Thus the reason for my question.
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    Good call on that. I just bought the Ipaq 1945 and can't wait to get the T600. The 1945 is my HiRes device and my T600 will be the all around device. But when I wan a better view of the WWW I can us BT and a card. Good to know.

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