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    I really shouldn't have expected much, but.....
    I called two of the local sprint stores here in my home town (a reasonably large city in the South) and asked when they might have the Treo600. One said, "our small store never gets PDA phones, try the larger store." The fellow at the larger store said, "We never get those things first. Try Radio Shack or Best Buy."

    Why do I even bother?
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    Went by the local store tonight. Before I even got the model name out of my mouth he said "we don't have it". Then when I was about to explain to him that I knew it wasn't out yet, and I just wanted to know when it will be available, he told me to check, and walked away. Very short, very rude. I'm definitely leaning towards waiting for it to be available through handspring with their rebate.
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    Maybe they should put up a sign saying the Treo 600 is not available yet, please sign here if you want to be contacted. Rudeness is not an excuse for stupidity.
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    "Astute salesperson at Sprint"?

    That's probably the first time those words have appeared together in a sentence.
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    I only read this cuz I wanted to hear where on this planet they had the astute Sprint employee hid.
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    Same could be said at VzW. It reminds me of the Avis commercials. "What if we only tried hard and not harder" The former is SPCS store help.

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