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    Ok - i've called sprint several times today (*2 / telesales) because getting thru to a store in NY is about as likely as ... well.. the Treo being released today In any event, every time I called over to *2, there was a single consistancy. Bascially, I asked if there was any release date, blah blah... I was told that they do not have any "documentation' about ordering the phone at the momemnt. I asked them what that meant exactly. It means that it's not in the system yet for ordering. Apparently, until that is in their system, no one, not retail stores, business, whomever, can order one of a phone. I asked, "have you ever taken pre-orders". The answer - yes, but we have always had documentation to do that. We can't do it without it.

    I had also asked about the web site... they said once it's there, they can do their ordering or whatever. I was told that it should be updated every night at 12:00 AM CST. As to the truth to that one.. who knows. I'll be calling daily.
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    thanks for the info..plz keep us posted
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