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    My treo 300 cig adapter broke (again) and Sprint is sold out, so I decided to look for an alternative. Boxwave has a very nice recoiling cable called the miniSync.

    Best part is it is on sale for $15.99

    This cable hooks into the USB port and charges the phone from USB as well as allow syncing. Additionally, you can buy a car charger plug for $9.95

    This gives you a more capable and smaller system than the standard Sprint/HS charger for $5 less.

    I also bought a wall plug for $14.95 and for $35 I have a USB/Car/Home charger cable that can also sync that takes up less space than the my original "coiled cable" car adapter.

    Pretty cool - and the treo plug has has a much better interface than my original equipment. there's not a gap that allows straing to be put on the plastic male part of the connector.

    All in all it looks well built. The most likely part to fail will be the recoil mechanism.

    The only downer is how much boxwave charged for shipping for simple US mail...
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    I highly recommend this product. the coil failed once, but had it replaced for free.
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    I just got one in the mail, and it doesn't look like it fits the jack on my T600 at all (and I'm a little nervous about forcing it in there).

    Is this what you got?: (top pic)
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    I have had mine for about two weeks. I purchased the car and wall plug as well. They all seem to work great, no problems plugging or unplugging from the Treo 600.

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