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    I ran across these articles about tech gadgets in general, and it seems to me that design wise, the T600 is like the Macintosh of smartphones.

    On the other hand, the other article talks about durability vs. style. In some ways I am dissapointed with the T300 because it was prone to scratches and peeling paint. I'm just hoping that the T600 has more durability/longevity to it:

    Drool factor: IMAGINE if Handspring created (a la Apple), a Titanium Treo with a hi-res screen and camera. They could call it the TT600 for short. When you think about it, that's a not a bad idea for the next-generation Treo.

    P.S. I attended the SF Mission Possible and got to play with the T600 for a while. Very impressed and can see why everyone is clamoring for this thing. Add me to the list. Just hoping the Trade-up offer for exisiting Treo users is "generous" as Ed said.
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    From what the initial reports are and the TC hands on experience is this will really be the one phone to rule them all.
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    Well I am hoping that while Spint did go with the black phone, and I thought the silver looked better, that the black will be more durable as my shiny Sanyo 5300 is showing plenty of scars after less than a year of usage.

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