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    Got on a roll today (10/2) and made some calls around Baltimore/D.C. area inquiring about the availability of the 600. Had to post this just for laughs:

    SPCS store responses:
    -Columbia: 'end of October'
    -Towson: '2-weeks'
    -Catonsville: '2-weeks'
    -Annapolis: 'duh?'
    -Bethesda: 'sometime in November'
    -Silver Spring: '2-3-weeks'

    For comparison:
    -Sprint Business Sales: 'no idea; check the website for avail.'
    -Sprint telesales: 'I have no information on that phone'
    -Sprint Executive Services: 'please check our website'

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    Derek Bok
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    Thanks for doing the dirty work for us. It looks like Weebit is getting solid information from his Tmobile contact. My attitude changes from day to day (on whether to switch to Sprint or stay with Tmobile) and today I just need a treo600 NOW!!!
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    I walked down to the Chicago loop sprint store on LaSalle and they told me first "Christmas time probably." I told them that was wrong. Then she went to ask someone else and she confirmed the phones would be in next week, but to wait until the end of October or early November. Whatever that means. If they're in.. why wait?
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    Most likely they have some great promo's coming in December and they want renewals. But you should get those freakin promo's going now if that is the case.

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