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    ok heres the deal...i just got off the phone with sprint; preorders are available right now, the computer says price is "TBDTBDTBD&$quot$; $and$ $it$ $will$ $be$ $in$ $stores$ $on$ $tuesday$...$if$ $you$ $preorder$ $the$ $discounts$ $and$ $rebates$ $are$ $not$ $valid$. $it$ $must$ $be$ $purchased$ $in$ $a$ $store$ $to$ $get$ $the$ $rebate$...$BTW$ $I$ $also$ $just$ $stopped$ $off$ $at$ $a$ $sprint$ $stor$..$the$ $guy$ $had$ $no$ $idea$; $he$ $said$ $try$ $end$ $of$ $november$! $why$ $is$ $it$ $that$ $sprint$ $cant$ $educate$ $ALL$ $their$ $employees$?
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    This is consistent with what I was told here in Cleveland!
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    not up in NH...they say christmas...this is startin to **** me off
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    I came very very close yesterday to asking the guy at the Sprint store why I always know more than they do about their own "inside information."

    But, I am more irritated that they can't drop what they are doing and make a few phone calls to find a straight answer. Instead they would rather have me walk in to their store every two weeks and bother them.

    All they would have to tell me is, "I just made some calls and found out that stores A and B will be getting them on Date X and stores C will be available on Z date."

    A straight answer. Instead Sprint trains their employees to say, "I don't have any idea." Then they expect us to leave the store satisfied that they have done all that they can to help the customer.
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    What I truly can't stand is - WHEN I try to call any of the local Sprint store...and no one answers the freaken phone! I get into automated voice mail...Does anyone answer the phone at these retail outles?

    I called 800/Sprintpcs# to try and get some info. First guy says..T600 won't be out until Xmas. I told him it was in the WSJ possibly by mid Oct. I get put on hold for 5 minutes.

    He comes back on and says that we (customer service) are the last to know....and that I'm right. Shipping records lead us to indicate around Oct. 15th - but like any other new cell phone - you just never know if it will be before that all...much later!

    Definetly a company-wide customer service issue!
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    It seems as though all of us are complaining about Sprint's lack of knowledge about release dates. Has anyone badgered Cingular or AT&T or T-Mobile about this? I know that I would just be happy knowing the device has a date somewhere. Or at least knowing that Sprint customers are not the only ones in the dark.

    OR are all the GSM people lining up at Handspring's door? Should we badger them?
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    Cingular said late november for corp but a few weeks for the stores after that. But they are just building their GSM network over form the TDMA so that can't be good for coverage yet.

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