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    I just read in an article regarding the new Palm Tungsten T3 that Palm had improved the ability to sync with Microsoft Outlook; T3 now supports additional fields like URL etc., repeating appointments etc.

    Does anyone know if this implies to the 600 as well?

    How about the other nifty details like a new lower statusbar, is this T3 only or something that could be available for the 600 as well?

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    T3 specs:

    OS: Palm OS v5.2
    Size: 10.8x7.6x1.6 cm (closed), 13.0x7.6x1.6 cm (open)
    Weight: 153 gram
    CPU: Intel XScale 400 MHz
    Comm: Bluetooth, Infrared Port
    Memory: 64 MB (52 MB available for user data)
    Expansion: SecureDigital (SDIO)
    Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion (up to5 days)
    Screen: TFT 65,536 colors (Res: 320 x 480)
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    The new T3 and the T600 havs OS 5.2.1 but the T600 has OS 5.2.1h as in Hand Spring who made some tweaks for the phone use. I am hoping that the 5.2.1 improvements made it in. But this is now Palm Source issue and PalmOne can't dictate changes anymore.
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    According to PalmOne, these tweaks are only available in the T3 and the Tungsten E. They were done by the folks at PalmOne, not PalmSource. Apparently the changes are not available on any other device (yet?).
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    Figures, just figures. I didn't thingk PalmOne hadn anyone who could write code anymore. Rather stinks that they are touting these changes when their impending purchase of HS and their phone products will be out in the cold.

    I wonder about support and OS tweaks that may come or are we out of luck the next day.
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    Try dataviz's beyond contacts
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    Originally posted by mrgarza
    Try dataviz's beyond contacts
    I tried Key suite and while I really liked it, I had a problem that I am not sure how to get around. When I synced, the Key Contact applet would sync great with Outlook. The problem was that the built in contact database was not being updated. This resulted in not being able to dial from the contact list when using the phone application (the contacts screen you get when you press the Phone button three time). The only way around this was to sync using both Key Suite and Intellisync so both databases were updated. This caused a lot of problems with syncing addresses and I eventually gave up using Key Suite.

    It looks like on the Treo 600 you can specify which contact database to use for dialing (from the key pad screen you can get different apps to load by pressing the d-pad in different directions), so it might not be an issue. However, it seems that the SMS application takes telephone numbers from the built in address book, so it may result in the same problem as I described above. I don't know if there would be a way to tell it to use a different database, but I doubt it.

    I don't know if Beyond Contacts will have the same problem or if there a way around this.

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    when u sync to beyond contacts it turns off the conduits to sync to the built in apps. to keep them updated I turn off the beyond contacts conduit and turn on the other ones. then both are in sync. I've had no problems.
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    I guess that it doesn't matter then whether we use Beyond Contacts or KeySuite - since both these apps use their own contact database, you still have to sync their database AND the phone's OS database to use the caller ID functions, SMS contact lookup, etc.


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