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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    > ...It took me all of about two hours to get comfortable with the
    > 300's thumboard...I suspect it will take me about the same
    > when I upgrade this time...

    Things take getting used, its a fact of life ... we just don't transition immediately.

    I'm not sure how this makes my point exactly, but I think it does. I had a car with the transmission selector on the column for several years. I upgraded to a car with the selector on the center console. I can't tell you how many weeks it took me before I completely stopped reaching for that dang column shifter. My daughter kept asking me who I was waving to ... I realized how tough a simple change in your life can be.

    So, we will have to get used to it ... it may take 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days ... but we will all have a learning curve. Even if you get a new "dumbphone" you will need time to get used to the features it has versus your old one.
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    As I always say in threads such as this, check it out for yourself before making blanket statements like - 'hmm - that other person questioned the keyboard, I guess that means I won't like it either'.
    I used the keyboard on the 600 back in June, and while, yes, it was a little different, it was fine. Getting used to the 600's keyboard would be no different than getting used to a Tungsten C or Blackberry, or whatever. You will adapt to it in very short order.
    Bottom line - use it yourself, and THEN decide what you think.

    Also - just because something may not appeal to Joe SixPack doesn't lessen its value and usefulness to ME. I am constantly amazed at the ongoing functionality I get out of my 300 - while at my son's baseball game, I can IM with friends, do (fairly) high speed internet stuff, check e-mail, etc. And the 600 will just make that whole experience even better! So - it works for me; I don't care if JoeSixpack doesn't/won't get it.
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    > ...So - it works for me; I don't care if JoeSixpack doesn't/won't
    > get it.

    Entirely valid POV and one that I, too, had for the Commodore Amigas.

    Can't agree more!

    But that's NOT the POV that I've been posting about.

    Joe Sixpack counts THERE.
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