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    Originally posted by MassSpecGeek
    PS Anybody know what inning the Giants game is in? I am worried about the GG being a mess if it ends at the same time as this.
    Bottom of 8th
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    bottom of 8th Gaints 5 - FLA 9
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    just wondering, i doubt they do. but i really want those updates.
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    Demo is with GSM (T-Mobile). Sending pics seems well integrated, but the camera is not terribly impressive.
    Google search failed. They are claiming reception problems. My 300 is fine in here.
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    Thanks for the Giants update.
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    i think he wishes he was on the golf course
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    also, no BT drivers...not very encouraging.
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    no outs
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    Ed says there is a "high possihility of it launching on our web site and our carriers web sites in the next week and a half"
    There are no drivers for 600 BT at the moment, but they are working to have them available.
    Flashing OS is possible but not enabled at the moment.
    Voice recording is possible but not built in. Would be third party app.
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    Ask if it will synch with my commodore 64 and if it will let you backup onto cassette tape.
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    Stay and schmooze, and you should miss the worst of the traffic. Besides, we want more info!
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    ok now a serious question. . .

    Ask if they think they have enough supply out there to meet demand.

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    I tried to go to this event (and stupidly did NOT take BART), but after driving there, seeing the long line out the door, and finding my parking options limited to:
    - 1 hour parking (and NOT very close to the venue)
    - $10 parking (when I wasn't sure I'd even get in)
    - illegal parking (guaranteed $35 ticket)
    ... I decided to just say forget it and head home.

    If someone tells me they've won a brand new Treo 600, I'm gonna be really really really bummed.

    Otherwise, frankly, if y'all are just getting info (and a few free drinks), I won't be all that bummed.
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    No voice dial. Third party possible. Price 450-500, with plan. Upgrade program through HS web.
    Mac support in box, no plans to discontinue.
    Can touch phone number in browser to dial. Will launch MIDI player but not MP3 player in browser.
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    Sprint rep confirms availability in 10 days at stores and by telesales. He is not "high level", so take it with a grain of salt.
    Very dark color, I would say black but it is dark in here.
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    screen is much brghter than my 300 side by side. Signal on 600 is one bar higher side by side well inside building.
    Bump is unnoticeable by me at least.
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    "available" and "launching" are for SURE ===NOT=== the answers we want.

    Grab them, shake them, and ask EXPLICTILY:

    == ONE?
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    I asked "when can I walk out of a sprint store with one"
    He said "10 days"
    I repeated, he repeated.
    How much? He would only refer to HS answer.
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    Sorry, meant to ask about Canada but forgot. Inexcusable considering I was born near Burlington, Ont :-)
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    Does 10 days mean that each store will get 2 phones within 10 days or will there be enough to go around for everyone?

    When they are available through telesales, will they be "temporarily out of stock?"
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