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    Hey Gang:

    Anyone have any luck with the Treo Ringtone converter software that was posted in one of the threads? Specifically I mean this:

    MP3 to .pdb converter

    For some reason I can't seem to download the finished product to my Treo 300. I added the finished file to my Handspring Software, did a Hotsync, and it refuses to download!

    What the heck am I doing wrong?????
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    Anybody? Anyone at all? Don't push or shove, I'll take all answers.....
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    I believe that that utility is a midi to treo ringtone convertor, not mp3.
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    Ah, an answer.

    Actually that makes a ton of sense. Thanks a ton
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    lol so thats why it wasnt working...too bad the speaker on the 300 isnt good enough to support midi files like those on oh well...
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    though the treo speaker can't handle everything, there is a lot you can do with anvil studio to punch up midi files for the treo (changing instruments and volume levels)

    i have gotten midi's from all over to make my ringtones from, and have very rarely found one that could not be coaxes into sounding decent on the treo.
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    aarons (and any other knowledgeable parties), can you give me some insight as to how I can do that? Specifically, turn a midi file into a ringtone for my 300? Do I need anvil studio, and if so, where can I download it?

    Really all I want is one ringer. I want to turn The Marines Hymn into a ringer, and not have it sound like the "polka remix" currently available on TreoCentral's home page!

    'Preciate any help anyone can give me with my endeavor!
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    what I'd like to have is a polyphonic (edit - scratch that), a .qcp ringtone converter (because midi tones suck dogs). My sanyo 8100 used .qcp ringtones and Qualcomm had a convenient drop utility (free utility!!!) that converted .wav (8bit-mono) files to .qcp files.

    This is what I want for my treo 600. This isn't asking for too much. I have tons of sound files that I converted for that phone and I'd like to do the same for my t600.

    And please, don't tell me about midi converters. I bought the t600 to get out of the Stone Age.
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