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    There's a Worst Fear thread out there about a nightmare someone had. Well, I had a nice dream last night.

    I dreamt that the IR port was boosted like the Clie so that it could function as a TV remote. Maybe it is, but I'm guessing it's not. With the QWERTY keys for textile feedback (the drawback of using a Palm previously) and no flip lid (why the Treo 300 would be weird as a remote) it would be serviceable at minimum. Also the d-pad would be perfect for DVD movie menu navigation. With the battery pretty juiced up, you'd think that wouldn't be an issue. Anyone know the strength of the IR port and/or a quantitative way to measure it.
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    No unfortunately the Treo600 won't have a CIR, but the ordinary low pwer ir found on the Treo300. However, you can still use it as a remote...just as long as your like 5-10 ft away from the TV!
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    That's what I expected, but let's just imagine the possibilities with a more powerful IR. I mean the Treo 600 form factor feels like a remote control (from what I can tell without holding one). Also the one handed control, it's seemingly a no brainer. Any Treo 630 (a minor update) would have to have this in my opinion. It couldn't add more than $5 in hardware cost to Handspring and there's fairly good software out there for remotes.

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