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    There have been a number of that its almost out, can anyone confirm what "non-traditional" software is included with the 600?

    Is there e-mail software? Good? Snapper? Treomail?
    Is there an office suite? Quick? Docs2Go (regular or pro)?
    An enhanced datebook?
    Anything else?

    There are a few software upgrade options out there that I might want to take advantage of now if they're not going to be included with the 600.

    And thanks again WeeBit.
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    It was mentioned previously and I belive at HS site that DocsToGO will be included which is great since I have an OS5 version but not the lastest version 6.0 so I hope thats what we get and not a low end version where we have to upgrade.
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    i dont think it will be the full version. you might not br able to create docs.
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    Yeah Dataviz has moved to the multi tiered software levels so they can wring more cash out of us. Most likely you will need to upgrade to premium for some features.
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    I see that the newest Tungstens come with version 6 of Documents to Go, which has native support for Word and Excel and works well with SnapperMail. I'm waiting to see if the 600 includes it before I spend the money to buy it myself.

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    I have Quickoffice on my T300, with native document support for Word documents. When I transfer from my T300 to my soon to be MINE T600, will those programs transfer from the 300 to the 600?


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    Everything backed up should transfer, but programs with activation codes dependent upon device ID may need new activation codes.

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    I forgot about that. I guess I will need a new Agendus code , wonder if its still buggy?
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    RE: Documents to Go

    According to this press release, there will be an upgrade charge of $24.95 to the new version:
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    if you keep the same device id, you should have a problem, but on some app, you may need to re-input the serials.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    That really isn't too bad since they finally connected all the dots and made it even better than MS ever did with their own apps.

    Looks like Dataviz Office to go is the one I would want so everything will sync and I can drop Palm Desktop.

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