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    I just have recieved the following e-mail:

    It says that release date is OCT 3rd!. In my particular case, as owner as a Treo 270, i will prefer to go with the discount for 399$ istead of the ridiculous price of 899$ offered by treostore in Italy .
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    OK, OK, It does not look like oct 3rd is the release date but the official presentation in Italy... just read the e-mail too fast and I cant wait to get my T600.

    However this shows that GSM unlocked models will be released beg. october as well. Which leads to the key question. Will HS europe ( UK , where I bought mine one) sell T600 as well, and will it be the rumored price for owners 399$ the same one for european owners?. If this became true it will be great news for non Orange countries.

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