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    I am trying to get the GPRS upgrade onto my Treo 90 so that I may surf via bluetooth/IR through my phone. Seems plausible enough, only one problem: I can't find a GPRS / Treo 90 download, upgrade, or tutorial, has anyone ever attempted this?

    Thanks in advance
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    You can not apply a Treo radio application to a Treo 90.

    The Treo 90 does not have a radio, so there is no way to flash the radio ROM.
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    you do not need a gprs upgrade since your cell phone is the modem not the treo 90.

    all you need to do is set up a new connection for gprs under the prefrences icon. Contact your service provider for the settings. I know for t-mobile you put a blank space in the user id and password. For the phone number you enter *9***1#

    you can also find other providers settings on

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