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    I was really tempted to get the 600 because I'm a huge gadget freak..bought the 300 the week it came out.

    But I can't over how much I'm paying for a unit that isn't up to part, organizer-wise, to what's out there. The color screens on even the cheapest palm units is light-years ahead of the t600.
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    Originally posted by mo-bile
    If you order from HS you can get a new 600 for $399.

    If you're with Sprint, you can also get a credit for $100-$150 if you extend your contract.

    Therefore, you could theoretically have a new 600 for $249-$299.

    You could then sell your 300 and the price goes down even more.
    This is interesting. So far, the only posts I've read indicate that the $100-150 credit is for initiating a NEW line of service, not for extending your contract. Have you actually received a credit for EXTENDING your contract?

    Reason I ask is that my contract just ended and I'm contemplating ditching my Treo 300 for a 600 or a Samsung I500 (testing now). If Sprint offers me $100 to extend my contract for one year I might just do it.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Hi, after reading this post (Below). I went to the Handpsring site, and saw the following web pages:
    ($100 - $150 rebate)
    (Treo Upgrade program)

    When you call the *800 number onthe promo page for the service credit, the sprint people don't know anything about it. They say they have been told by the management to say "contact the place of purchase" for this info.

    Is it true you can get BOTH the $399 upgrade price AND a $100 or $150 credit? The Sprint Promo seems to say you need NEW service activation...

    Originally posted by mo-bile
    If you order from HS you can get a new 600 for $399.

    If you're with Sprint, you can also get a credit for $100-$150 if you extend your contract.

    Therefore, you could theoretically have a new 600 for $249-$299.

    You could then sell your 300 and the price goes down even more.
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    Originally posted by Doug Hillman

    You know that the mic is on the back also right? So if you're using on speakerphone, why not just set it face down?

    If you're talking to someone using the speakerphone and you are entering info into the 600 (such as setting an appointment or taking conversation notes), you have the 600 facing you, yet the speaker and apparently the mic are facing away from you. Hmmm...
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    Experience tells us all that when a machine comes out, it takes a few months for the software to be updated, the kinks to be worked out, and people to find most of the work arounds to what they were previously used to. Among other things, purchasing a 600 now will give one the advantage of familiarizing him or herself with the machine a little faster, having more speed, space, and the security of being able to backup ones data using the new card slot (definitely a biggie) but, as far as I am concerned, the time spent debugging it now might be more productively used if I could control my emotions, and wait at least until say January or February when things will most certainly have stabilized to a much greater extent.

    In the meantime, I am grateful to the brave souls who, *living on the cutting edge*, have gone ahead with the purchase, and who are allowing us to benefit from their efforts by reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly here.

    I have spoken.
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    Originally posted by pelican
    I just upgraded from the 300 to the 600 this week. is sending me a replacement because the 600 cannot connect via Sprint Provisioning in order to update the phone for data. Sprint techs have been super but cannot solve, concluded that it is a hardware problem.

    After using the 300 for over a year and using the 600 for a few days, you might consider the following negatives in upgrading (although the positives are many):

    1. As a guy, you will definitely type SLOWER with the small keyboard, although you can now also type with one hand.
    I disagree with the will part. I am a guy and I am getting close to as fast at the 270 on this after a few days of use.
    2. It's difficult to type with the keys at the two extreme edges of the unit, especially one-handed. This is because the keys are really close together and the left and right edges of the keyboard are right at the left and right edge of the unit.
    This is true sometimes. But I'm happy to pay that small price for the overall reduced size.
    3. Although I HATE the flip lid on the 300, it's very weird without it in the 600. For one thing, you now end up with more face grease on the screen.
    That's correct, but I wipe it down once a day and it's all shiny and beautiful again
    4. The speakerphone's speaker is on the back of the unit. Although you can hear it louder and the quality is slightly better than the 300, really the person sitting opposite of you or the desk can hear it better because the speaker is facing AWAY from you.
    Try setting it down on a table. This makes the sound SO MUCH louder and clearer for everyone. I would think that you don't want to use speaker phone when you want a private conversation. With it on the table, it makes for a great conference call.
    5. The Contacts on the 300 let you find a person in your list by typing initials. If they were not on your list, the 300 knew to interpret your entry as numbers and would immediately take you to the dial pad. The 600 does not do this. You must select a Preferences option - either search a contact or dial a number.
    That's right, but you can go the opposite way of the option you selected with one extra button press (e.g, select contacts from the main phone screen then type the letters, or change contacts to dial pad on the main screen). I agree that this would have been a very good option to retain.
    8. Some of your SNOOZE options are gone. For example, I use Todo PLUS. When the alarm goes off, you were able to select the length of the snooze from the alarm dialog (from 5 minutes to a few hours to a few days) on the 300. But on the 600, all you get is a SNOOZE button, which only snoozes for 5 minutes.
    That's correct, BUT there is a new overall system Snooze and unacknowledged notifications (SMS, voicemail, alarms, etc) manager that is AWESOME.
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    I'm not upgrading either. Battery life is important, but I prefer to be able to see/read the screen which is fine on the treo except in the brightest sun. 320x320 down to 160x160 is no good.

    Plus the 600 lacks a face plate and the 300s clamshell design keeps face grease of the screen.

    I don't really need a camera phone and if I wanted one I'd prefer a better quality one than the one the 600 has.

    The nice thing about the 600 is the improved blazer.... but can we get that for the 300???

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    I've thought about it, and for a while I wasn't going to upgrade for the very simple reason that the Treo 300 does everything that I need, and $400 is quite a chunk of money. But I'm justifying it to myself by thinking that my Treo 300 is currently broken, so I can send it into Sprint, get a brand-new refurb one, and then sell it off on eBay for $250 or so. That brings the total cost of the Treo 600 down to $150, which I think is an acceptable upgrade price. Either that, or I have a CC Extended Warranty, and since the lid is broken and it's a manufacturer's defect, I'm hoping I can get store credit or a refund from CC. If I can, then it'll be a free upgrade (!), but I'm not counting on it, so if I can't, I'll just get my money back for the extended warranty and drop the upgrade price to around $100.

    The $150 - $100 range is acceptable to me for the increased usability the 5 way navigator will offer, the increased battery life and brighter screen. I would have preferred a 320x320 device, but oh well - this is what we have and it seems good enough to me. I wish I could wait to upgrade until Jan or Feb, but the upgrade deal ends next week so I feel a bit rushed. But anyway, I'm psyched to order my Treo 600 just as soon as my next check clears.
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    Originally posted by kschoenberg
    I really like a lot of stuff about the 300, but for the 3rd time it has turbo drained on me while I'm on the road...and this time I don't have access to a backup until I get home.
    The phone just isn't dependable. The battery life is way too short and there are obvious bugs in the firmware/software that cause it to completely drain and lose memory. Worse, Handspring never bothered to fix this issue...or even so much as issue a workaround (how about software that would shut the phone down before it completely drains and resets?)
    I have ordered a Treo 600...although I do so with trepidation. I think I'm going to take my 300 to Sprint and see if I can trade it for an i500 and then decide which of these phones can be relied on while not close to my PC for a few days...and doesn't require me to always be concerned about battery life.
    I use TreoHelper, but even with very aggresive shutoff setting and long periods between network retries I have still seen the turbodrain and then hard reset.
    As best I can tell the drain always comes in areas with low signal strength. Unfortunately, that can be anywhere from the entire town of Princeton, NJ to just the inside of my pocket at a large convention center.
    Turbo drain can NOT be "fixed". It's a fact of life. live with it.

    Think of it from the phone's perspective. The connection is getting weak. So what do you do, boost power of course! No reception? boost power to try to find some! every cell phone does this, it's just that other cell phone doesnt have screen and PDA processors that use up as much power, so you don't notice it as much.
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    I doubt it . Going price is .. maybe ... $100-$150.

    Actucally, I have been thinking about buying some of these as straight PDAs! Cheaper than a Zire!
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    Doh. Was looking at the eBay page sorted the wrong way. I'm going to have to think about this a bit more... still, since if I get it replace it will be pretty much untouched, and since it should be eligable for the upgrade program (although if I get it too late it won't be upgradable) I'm thinking maybe $150-200. Still going to have to think about it, but it's tolerable.
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    Originally posted by MobileDave
    You know, everyone is all excited about the 600 but has everyone forgotten how frustrating the 300 was when it first came out? I was one of the first to buy (even before I could activate), and the first few months were hell: fatal errors, network problems, etc.

    I understand that most of those issues were network related, but not all of them. There were Palm OS/phone issues. So my point is, I'm not going to buy the 600 until I have to. I just got a "new" replacement 300 because the lid broke, and I can't justify (to my wife) paying the money for a new phone, even though I would probably like to have it -- who wouldn't?

    But I've been through enough already, and right now I'm taking the Microsoft approach: It's working so leave well enough alone. The 600 is almost like a beta with a ton of new features -- Palm OS 5, new processor, camera, etc.

    I'm going to wait for at least six months.

    Ahmen brother! Some of the extreme cheerleaders in these forums(buy every new Treo cuz they're awesome!) make me wonder about my fellow man sometimes but it's good to see some good ole' common sense espoused.

    The early Treos established a certain track record for Handspring. I think it's fair to say that record is a mixed bag of varying product and customer performance. Learn something from those experiences and give MobileDave's posting another read...

    I hope the the new Treo lines truly do improve on their predecessors.
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    Originally posted by conflagrare

    Turbo drain can NOT be "fixed". It's a fact of life. live with it.

    Think of it from the phone's perspective. The connection is getting weak. So what do you do, boost power of course! No reception? boost power to try to find some! every cell phone does this, it's just that other cell phone doesnt have screen and PDA processors that use up as much power, so you don't notice it as much.
    Maybe you should rephrase your answer to indicate YOU don't know how to fix turbo drain.

    Every cell phone I've owned has a powersave feature. i.e. if the phone can't get reception after a certian time period, it goes into a mode where it doesn't search so often.

    The 300 doesn't have this, hence the problem. The screen and PDA processing needs are minimal when the phone is sitting in your pocket, therefore not the issue.
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    I also went back and fourth on the upgrade. Once I got my T600 I wanted to send it back. Not enough bang for the buck.
    Then I settled into the new form factor.
    The small size is great and you quickly get use to the smaller keyboard. One handed typing or dialing is a Big bonus.
    The 5 way nav. is so handy I don't know how I lived without it.

    I swapped with my wife after having the T6 for three weeks. I could not beleive how hard it was to use. Just to get to the menu is a two step process!

    The camera is not great at all But its handy. I don't have a digital camera but I was selling a lawn mower but I did not want a stange buyer to come by the house. So in an instant a thought came to me. I took a picture before l left in the morning and emailed on the way to work to the buyer.
    By the time I got to work, we were ready to make the deal.

    Speaker and Mic location is a big deal on this thread. The way you hold this phone cause a small cup with the palm of your hand. This enhances the sound for a more natural sound.

    Now the Flip lid. Which i loved. Well now I am happy I don't have it. It a weak point for the T3 (Breakage) And it is another reason to love the One Handed funtions of the T6.

    Speed press any button on the T6 and it snaps to attention. Not so on the T3.

    Lastly Battery life. My old T3 could hardly make it through the day.
    I know its new but I only charge every other day with the T6 and its still at 43% +

    Sure the T6 could have had everything! but then it would be too heavy, or the battery would last 5 hours non-use or apps would not run or a host of other troubles. No PDA is perfect or else there would be just one PDA.

    The T6 works for its intent. The Tw's and Tcs are focused to smaller market.

    So if you search the word LOVE on Treo Central your will see many many links to the Treo600. If it was that bad of a device this statement would not be true.
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    OH. MY. GOD.

    How ANYONE can say that they wouldn't want a 600 over a 300 is now a complete and utter mystery to me.

    I have had my 300 for a year and love it. But my 600? 4 days and it's everything I wanted on the 300 and SOOO much more.

    Here's why you ain't getting your hands on my 600 - but can buy my 300:

    1. SPEED. The new CPU is FAST. NO delay going between apps, contact searches are instantaneous, Blazer is much faster (I seriously now think that the 300's CPU made the network seem slower).

    2. Keyboard. Thought I would hate it. I don't. I do have small fingers, so this may be subjective, but I can type almost as fast on the 600 as I did on the 300 after only 4 days. AND - a big plus for me - I can reach the entire keyboard with ONE hand. I can now *really* read email with one hand while the other pulls my bag through the airport. The HOME funtion is now on it's own key - no more "Blue-Slash" combination.

    3. 5-way nav. VERY handy.

    4. Camera. I know, it's not my Canon EOS-10D, but it's with me all the time, and handy at that. The better half and I send pics back and forth, especially while I am travelling. She send pics of our daughter, I send pics of where I am, or something else that I would have told her about. Sounds silly, but those Sprint commercials do indeed have a point - it does brighten my day. On the T600 forum, someone told the story of takng pics immediately after an accident which proved handy when the guy who hit him took off. He emailed them to the insurance company on the spot.

    5. The APPS! I can now, *really*, play MP3s, *STREAMING AUDIO* (Shoutcast), use Mergic VPN with NO slowdowns, PalmVNC works great, etc, etc. This device feels more like a mini laptop than a glorified Palm III. Blazer is MUCH improved, and is very snappy. Just being able to view animated GIFs (such as weather radar from is awesome. Plus, the ability to view the page natively (i.e. without Blazer reformatting
    for your screen) is great. The ability to listen to shoutcast servers has to be tried to be appreciated - I can now listen to local news from home while away, some cool 80's rock in a cab, or listen to some sports radio for commentary on how the damned Marlins beat my Yanks. Almost like XM radio for my Treo!

    6. Form Factor: More compact, feels (and probably is) substantially more solid. Lack of the flip screen (a concern of mine) isn't really a negative anymore. You *do* get face cheese on the screen, but you're either wiping it off the flip or the screen anyway, and it's actually minimized if you hold it right. I bought a nice neoprene case for the 600 - fits great - so now I won't be scratching the paint off the plastic like with my 300 and Handspring holster.

    7. MUCH better support for ringtones and picture caller ID.

    8. Downloading over the air! Download a PRC or MIDI file with Blazer, it accepts it in as if it was beamed, and whammo - it's there. Get an unzip utility and you can even install new software from Palmgear over the air. Ever been somewhere and could have used an app you never needed before?

    9. Sending an SMS seems to be less of an iffy proposition. Never worked very well for me with the 300, works well with the 600.

    10. SD slot. I have a 256M card it in now with MP3s, but when the SD Wifi card is ready, I'll be using it in the office to get even faster speeds. Might go the Bluetooth route for wireless sync, but we'll see how that works. Point is - I *can*. Capability means a lot to me, even if it's not immediate.

    11. Speakerphone is much improved and feels closer to a Nextel than the 300 did. There's actually a seperate speaker, they don't just raise the volume on the earpiece. You can also play MP3s and streaming audio through it to share.

    Only one complaint so far: The headset/headphone jack is on the bottom of the unit next to the charge/sync port. Which criminal designer at Handspring got away with that? It was in the proper place on the 300.

    300 owners.. Play with a 600 before you decide not to buy.. You are truly missing out.

    - The fully converted JoeTampa (with 300 for sale! <<grin>>)
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    Originally posted by JoeTampa
    300 owners.. Play with a 600 before you decide not to buy.. You are truly missing out.

    - The fully converted JoeTampa (with 300 for sale! <<grin>>)
    270 owners: resume the position. I wish I could tell you that there is some choice but there is not. The only competition for the 600GSM (for which HS will not even accept an order, much less promise delivery), is the 270.
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    i am using the 180 and i am happy with it. I am because for what I paid it is awsome. I may get a 270 from a happy 600 user but I will not get the 600.
    I love how the 600 how changed from the 180 but the money is not worth it. Sure I would like a color screen, fun camera, SDIO, bigger battery, and a new form if only it was a huge problem. I have a180 and delt with common problems (broken flip) but thr 180 is all I NEED right now.
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