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    I have about 4 months left on my contract and I want to just change handsets from an A500 to the Treo 600 when it comes out. My contract has unlimited vision for $10/month so I'd like to keep my current plan. I've called sprint and they claim I have to pay a fee to change handsets (even though I'm keeping the same plan/number). My question is: have other people on this board been able to change from a regular handset to a Treo and keep their same Sprint PCS plan? And if I do so, does that mean I'm ineligible from getting any discounts off the cost of the Treo 600?

    I guess I could wait until my contract runs out, then go through the retention plan route and hope to get a phone credit towards my account, but I'd rather not wait that long to get my Treo. I'm sick of carrying my cell phone and PDA everywhere.
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    I upgraded last year from an ancient SCH-8500 to the Treo300. Basically, you have to pay the activation fee to change your handset. If your contract had expired, Sprint may have waived the fee. But since your hasn't ended yet, they will definitely make you pay the fee. As far as discounts, according to this article posted on Treocentral, the Treo600 will cost $399 after discount for new activations. There's also indications that Handspring will offer a $100 rebate for existng Treo users to upgarde to the Treo600. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem any of these offers will be applicable to you! The unsubsidized cost of the Treo 600 will probably be $550 bucks, which is extremely pricey. I would definitely try to play hard ball with rentention if I were you to see they will give you any break. Perhaps you can get the discount if you signup for a new contract? Anyway, good luck...
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