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    Does anyone know of any lowcost and/or valudated parking lots near the T600 event locale--the Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street)?

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    Originally posted by KevMeister
    Does anyone know of any lowcost and/or valudated parking lots near the T600 event locale--the Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street)?

    No, but it is in an BAD area. I plan to cab it from the Financial District. Anyone wanna share one?
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    i'm grabbing a cab from the embarcadaro district, but i'm sure not going to the treo mission impossible. not while I'm in frisco.

    call the joint.
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    i would probably park in the multi-level parking lot at 5th & mission. cost is about $4-8 for 2-4 hours. no such thing as validated parking in downtown sf. here is a great site that shows locations & rates for parking lots in san francisco.
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    I know someone who's car windows got buster out in/near the Mezzanine last week. Eeeek!
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    Yes there is inexpensive parking just around the corner on Mission street. 444 Jessie which is hard to find because it is at the end of a one way alley. Print out a Yahoo map to make it easy to find or you can follow my instructions:

    444 Jessie Street (The Mezzanine night club ) is located about a half block from the Nordstrom Shopping Center (On Market and 5th Street) but it is really hard to find if you are not familiar with the neighborhood. Jessie street is an alley located behind and running parallel to Mission Street on the North side of Mission between 5th and 6th Street.

    The easiest way to locate 444 Jessie by car is to go one block past the Nordstrom Center on 5th Street and hang a right on Mission. Proceed one block down Mission Street to 6th Street and hang a right on 6th. Drive a half a block on 6th Street and hang a right onto Jessie which is essentially and alley. 444 Jessie is located at the end of the alley on the left corner.

    If you are on foot: DO NOT FOLLOW MY DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO FIND 444 JESSIE because it will take you past a really sketchy (UNSAFE) part of the Tenderloin. If you are on foot locate the Nortstrom Center on Market and 5th Street. Cross the street to the West side of 5th Street. Walk down a half block on 5th street and hang a right onto an alley that is about 50 yards long. (I can’t remember the name of the first alley. It may be Jessie but I a am not certain) Walk down the first alley till it ends and bear left on foot about 20 feet and you will run into Jessie Street. The Mezzanine entrance is located 10 feet from you on the right.

    Instructions to low cost parking: From 444 Jessie, hang a right and proceed a short half block to Mission street. Hang a left onto Mission and proceed past the first light which is about 50 feet ahead. Hang a right on the next block of Mission street into the HUGE parking garage which takes up the whole block. I believe the Parking lot is between 4th and 5th Street on Mission.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, don't do street parking.

    Sketchy area, as noted. Plus it's all 1 hour parking. Blah.

    - Adam, who stupidly drove instead of taking the BART, and ended up going home

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