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    I started this thread for folks to post 600 accessories as they come across them. Please post accessories and gear that is exclusive to the Treo 600. No one wants to read a bunch of ads for "universal" PDAs or Phones.

    I am currently searching for Treo cases, external keyboards and Treo 600 software.

    I realize that there isn't going to be a lot out there yet, but that is why I started this thread early.
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    What kinds of OS5 apps are you looking for or is this for T600 5 way dPad only apps?
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    Just mail your Treo 600 and we will upgrade your 160x160 screen to 320 x 320.

    Send along a check for $ 600 and our service takes 1 year.

    Treo Procrastination Program
    Old Handspring Lane
    Palm, CO 320320

    Or call us

    800 JUST Y WAIT

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