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    Says a 3 mo. contract...wonder what price of contract. can we pre-pay then get un-lock code?^GIN174
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    Actually, if you select 'Our Deals' and look for the other options, you'll find a plan (plan400) that offers the Treo600 for Free !!

    The plan you show is the Plan 300 (Phone for 79.00 then 30.00/month contract), otherwise you have the Plan 400 (Phone for Free, 50.00/month contract.)

    1.00 is $ 1.662, so that give us (with some rounding):

    Plan300: phone $130.00, contract $50.00 / month
    Plan400: phone Free, contract $85.00 / month

    Does anybody know Orange and can confirm that ? Not sure about the minimum duration of contracts though...
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    To be honest, I'm losing faith in Orange, as not only have they yet to publish any prices on their website, but they still advertise the Treo 600 as a single band on some parts of the website:
    This is despite my sending them an e-mail about it, and getting one back a week ago stating that they would check it and update it.

    Bear in mind that the prices given here do not include any GPRS bundle you might want.
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    The onestopshop link is broken. The entire website seems to be in a pretty unstable state.

    Maybe they've never had this many hits in a few hours?
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    What is that "monthly contract price" all about? Does that include minutes or is that just money you pay for the privelege of getting the phone cheaper up-front? If it's like a US contract which includes minutes, then I say "Bravo!" to Orange for pricing this phone right. $500 in the US is insane, IMO, but I know I'll get little sympathy here because most everyone here seems to be insane.

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    You have to keep the contract for 12 months - so $85/month is about $1,000 - but bear in mind that it includes 400 free minutes pm to any network.

    No US resident would be able to buy the Treo under such deals, and I expect a "sim-only" deal would be around 400 - 500.

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